The Green Dragon Inn

Green dragon inn 2
River Quarter (R2)
This establishment is the haunt of adventurers, thieves, Rhennee, rivermen, smugglers, and other lowlifes who love the low prices and copious amounts of food. They also appreciate the light hand that the inn’s proprietor takes in naming the place; he encourages the rowdy, freefor- all atmosphere.

Ricard Damaris is also well known as a source of information, and he seems to know more rumors and tales than most people hear in a lifetime. Some of the tumors he knows are very dangerous ones involving secret cults, criminal activities, and so forth.
Ricard’s wife, Florence, is a mediocre cook but expert accountant for the inn; she is almost never seen.
His 15-year-old daughter, Clarissa, is spoiled rotten.

A dozen rooms are for rent at cheap rates, but their quality is poor. Weapons and armor are usually worn in the inn, and the bouncers are all trained former soldiers. Fighting and drunkenness are not only common but encouraged, to some extent. Adventurers who strike it big often come here to celebrate, buying drinks for the house. As wild places go, this is one of the wildest in the city.
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Robilar was a regular in the tavern until his betrayal of the Circle of Eight in 582 CY, but even then he didn’t want anyone to know he was the owner. No overt signs of Robilar’s involvement in the establishment remain, but a clever PC can figure it out easily enough.

The kitchen’s specialty is “Quij’s Plate,” a heaping bowl of undercooked sausages and soggy potatoes large enough to please an ogre.

The inn’s second floor boasts several rooms for rent, each accommodating up to two characters. Only three rooms are available when the PCs first visit the inn, so members of larger groups might have to suffer the indignity of sleeping on the floor. Ricard and his staff live on the premises in a series of apartments off a hall from the guest quarters.

The Green Dragon Inn

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