Tenh, Duchy of

Ruler: His Radiance, Duke Ehyeh in exile (Stonefist/Iuz)
Capital: Nevond Nevnend (pop. 19,000)

Tenh was a Flan land, defended against invading Oeridians and Suloise by the natural barriers of the Artonsamay, Zumker and Yo1 rivers, and the Griff Mountains. Coalescing into a distinct state, its minor nobles elected a Duke to command their forces, of which medium cavalry was the most notable.

Tenh’s fall at the hands of Stonefist was sudden and swift. Bitter recriminations, as well as rumors of corruption, siphoning of military monies, and even deliberate betrayal, abound among the exiles. The Tenhas are now divided into three main groups.

About three-quarters of the population was unable to escape the speedy incursions of the Fists. They are now effectively enslaved by the occupiers of the land. Some are rounded up by Fists and herded to camps on the western borders, to be handed over to agents of Iuz for untold horrors.

A few of those who escaped made it into the Phostwood and south into the Nuthenvood, where they survive as best they can. The remainder sought refuge in the County of Urnst (as did their Duke), or in northernmost Nyrond. These exiles are coolly received by the locals of their new homes, because the arrogance and laziness of the Tenhas is a byword in Urnst and Nyrond. Alchoholism, prostitution, and debauch has been the fate of many of the wretched exiles. Even those with some skills to offer are caught up in black despair.

Tenh, Duchy of

Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan