Suss Forest


The Suss has always been a dark, dreary, dangerous place, full of thorn trees, brambles,briars,
and thickets-and worse, for there are very old hangman trees and other horrors within its confines. Its massive trees are black with age, and seem to whisper and talk amongst themselves when an interloper dares to walk beneath. Some claim that ripples of waving leaves and moving branches can be seen in the path of those entering the Suss.

The forest has its internal divisions; to the west, where it grows close to the Lortmils, the forest is open and clean, but east of the Jewel River, the forest becomes more forbidding and dangerous. The farther south one goes, the worse the forest becomes, until it is filled with an oppressive and evil atmosphere where it climbs the Drachensgrab hills. In these southern regions, the humanoids of the Pomarj hold sway, and they actually seem to love this part of the forest, sharing it with ettercaps and kech. Of course, they also use it as a base from which to foray north into the Welkwood and the Pass of Celene.

Few demihumans dare to eke out an existence within the confines of the Suss, save for the western edges, but it is said that a lost and ruined city of the old Suloise is hidden somewhere within this forbidding forest. Few dare to venture on any quest to find it.

Suss Forest

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