Sunndi, County of


Ruler: His Brilliant Lordship, Count Hazendel of Sunndi, Olvensteward of the South
Capital: Pitchfield (pop. 3,200)

The County of Sunndi was originally a fief within a fief, being granted to a loyal peer of the Herzog of the South Province when the Herzog was in favor with the Overking.

After a miserable, long period of repressive rule, the Sunndis proclaimed independence and joined the Iron League shortly after its founding. Largely recaptured by the Glorioles Army of Ivid V in the Wars, it was liberated through a combination of uprisings and the derring-do of Commander Osson.

Sunndi has managed to remain free; the threat from the north has been replaced by the threat of the Scarlet Brotherhood, whose “advisers” were dispatched just in time to prevent Sunndi from going the way of Onnwall and Idee.

Sunndi has formidable natural protections:
swamp to the south, and hills and highlands and woods in a ring around the other points of the compass. The swamp is a mixed blessing, since disease and monsters both flourish there, but the Sunndis are happy to have it as a defense.

Sunndi is most notable for the harmony between the different races who live there. The gray elven Lord of Sunndi is careful to take plentiful advice not just from his own people, who prowl the woodlands, but from the gnomes and mountain dwarves who mine and man defenses in the Glorioles, Hestermark Highlands, and Hollow Mountains. The Sunndi hillmen are fine shots with slings and crossbows

Sunndi’s economic position is difficult because of the problems of exporting the wood, metals, and ores which it can offer for trade. It is very isolated now that Idee has been subverted and conducts only minimal trade with old Aerdy cities. Trade with Dullstrand, and especially Re1 Astra, is on the increase

Suundi folk are parochial and ever vigilant. Notably, the gray elves of the land are unusually aggressive to outsiders, and they are as hardworking as the humans or dwarves of the land.

Sunndi, County of

Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan