Snow Barbarians

Snow barbarians
Ruler: His Bellicose Majesty, King Ingemar Hartensen of the Schnai
Capital: Soull (pop. 5,500)

The Snow Barbarians are the strongest and most numerous of the northern Sue1 peoples. They claim suzerainty over all the barbarian peoples, especially the Cruskii, and are rather patronizing toward them. However, they have allied with their fellows against the Great Kingdom for many decades and have been known to make occasional forays against the Sea Barons.

Their alliance with Ratik is less cemented than that of the Cruskii, but Ingemar seems amenable to continued cooperation after the events of the wars. He also has great hatred for the Stonefisters, and wishes to mount a joint expedition with the other barbarian races through the Griff Mountains to lay waste to Kelten. Time will tell if this comes to fruition.

Snow barbarians npc
The Snow Barbarians share many characteritics with their brethren, but are the palest of all, many being almost albinoid. Platinum-blond hair is nit unusual. Their womenfolk have an un-earthly beauty and are often found as animal trainers (dogs and dog-wolf hybrids), scouts, rangers, druids, or the like, despite the dominant chauvinism of their men. This is a proud and strong race.

Snow Barbarians

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