Sea Princes, Hold of The

Sea princess 1

Ruler: Elder Brother Hammandaturian,
Shepherd of the Sea Princes
Capital: Monmurg (pop. 15,500)


The Sea Princes come from old piratical stock based on Jetsom, Flotsom, and Fairwind Isles.

They preyed on Keoland’s southern borders and extended their pillage as far as the Pomarj and beyond at the height of their power. Keolandish naval strength subdued them at the Battle of Jetsom Island, and the wiser Sea Princes turned to an easier target-the Amedio Jungle-and trade of the ivory, spices, and woods found there.

Eventually, the lands south of the Hool Marshes became settled, and the Princes practiced less and less raiding outside of Amedio. Before the war, the Sea Princes had superb vessels and well trained sailors, and were peaceable if unscrupulous merchants. The most objectionable aspect of their country was the institution of slavery, to which many Amedians were wretchedly subjected.

The Sea Princes were forced to surrender to the Scarlet Brotherhood without a battle being fought. Of the 30 leading nobles, 27 were dead at the hands of assassins within a week of initially laughing away the demand for their surrender.

The handful left to sign did so readily. Now these lands are ruled with an iron grip by the Brotherhood, who has imported more “savages” into the land. And since this land is so much farther from their own land than their other conquests, a handful of powerful mages, together with welltrained and vicious monsters, were also imported.

Trained tyrgs and high-morale norkers are used for patrols by the invaders. Few of the local people were able to flee to the Yeomanry or Keoland, so swift was the fall of the Sea Princes.

Virtually none of the ships in its superb fleets were kept from the hands of the Brotherhood. The seamen of these lands now sail as ordered by the Brothers; no ship is allowed to set sail without a significant number of Brothers on board. Inland, there is a slow trickle of people
into the southern Yeomanry, but the Hool Marshes are the death of most of these would-be exiles.

Those who escape speak of tyrannical rule, exemplary public executions for misdemeanors, and a climate of terror in the land

Sea Princes, Hold of The

Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan