Rovers of The Barrens

Ruler: His Mighty Lordship, the Ataman of the Standards, Durishi Great Hound, Chief of the Wardogs
Capital: none

The Rovers are remnants of original Flan tribes who eked out a poor living from banditry in these chill and barren lands. Over the centuries, marauding Oeridian and Suel invaders, the hostility of the Wolf Nomads, and humanoid attacks reduced the Rovers population, and before the Wars, there were just four clans of a handful of tribes each, which had once foolishly tried to attack Iuz. Iuz did not forget that attack, and pincered the remnants of the Rovers with attacks from Stonefist, supplemented by later culling forays from the land of Iuz and humanoids from the Bandit Kingdoms.

A pathetic remnant of Rovers still clings to survival in the Wastes, but their land is now occupied by marauding bands of Iuz’s forces. The Rovers of the Barrens are effectively no more.

Their old lands have not been settled with any permanent citadels or towns by Iuz, who is happy to allow his fiends and humanoids to stalk whatever prey they can find there.

Rovers of The Barrens

Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan