Plains of The Paynims

Plains of the paynims

Plains of The Paynims (Tribe’s of)
Ruler: various nomadic leaders
Capital: none

Only a small part of the rolling plains inhabited by nomadic Baklunish tribes falls within the Flanaess. That part which does is sometimes devoid of human life, and at other times swarms with horsemen, livestock, and the tents and yurts of a dozen nomadic tribes. These nomads move out of the Dry Steppes in hot summers which make that area a parched wasteland, and return to find forage in the wet season.

Each tribe is ruled by a noble, an Amir or Khan; greater nobles are referred to as Ilkhan, Orakhon, or Shah. Leaders of royal rank and lineage are known as Tarkhan, Padishah, or Kha Khan.

These horsemen are poorly armored, using only a variety of animal skins equivalent to tough leather, but they are highly mobile and of unequalled skill. They employ bows made of animal horn and scimitars and similar curved swords. A few employ a long, slender lance and mace or flail. Their horses are very hardy and are accustomed to harsh treatment.

Socially, family ties are very strong. Honor and face are central factors in the precisely observed social rituals and ceremonies which govern much of these people’s lives. Ancestor worship and a belief that the spirits of ancestors watch the deeds of the living are important to their religion.

A handful of wizards among them are regarded with great awe and superstition, usually living alone in tents pitched some distance from the main camps. Only nobles usually converse with wizards.

The nomads trade with Ket, Ull (which has a settled Paynim tribe), Zeif, Ekbir, and Tusmit. These nations (especially Ket) have employed Paynim horsemen as mercenaries, against each other or for forays east.

Xan Yae is the goddess of Twilight, Shadows, Stealth, and Mental Power worshiped by some of the Baklunish people

Plains of The Paynims

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