Perrenland (Concatenated Cantons of)

Ruler: Voorman of All Perrenland, His Gravity Karenin
Capital: Schwartzenbruin (pop. 26,000-30,000)
The original Flan dwellers of this land were especially fierce folk. Intermixing with other races was a slow process. They were subjected to the aggressive territorial ambitions of Ket (fairly frequently) and Furyondy (during its expansionist phase), but vigorously fought off the invaders. Their pike- and polearm-hefting hill and mountain troops were experts at warfare on the borders.

The various clans of the land united around 400 CY under the leadership of the strongest clan voorman, Perren, after whom the land is named. Clan holds were marked into cantons, and the clan leaders elected a series of rulers, each holding office for eight years at most

Perrenland is prosperous, trading with the northern nomads who need manufactured items and tools. Perren folk fish the rich waters of Lake Quag in the summer. Trade with Veluna, Furyondy, and the Baklunish states to the west is brisk. Perrenland smoked cheeses are famed throughout the central Flanaess.

Perrenland benefits from excellent natural defenses and mountain soldiers. Heavy cavalry, drawn from the fine plains around Schwartzenbruin, is of excellent quality and morale. Nonetheless, during the Wars, the Perrenlanders feared the might of Iuz and had no natural ally to call upon, having maintained cool relations with Ket and Furyondy for historical reasons. The Voorman Franz thus made a formal agreement with Iuz, which basically maintained Perrenland’s security, but did not involve granting Iuz any aid.

Perrenland wishes to be isolationist, but it needs trade at the same time, and with Ket’s annexation of Bissel, it is forced to deal more with that state now than previously. Perrenlanders are deeply suspicious of foreigners, and trade missions to this land are escorted by Perrenland military from the moment they cross the border, which is well patrolled.

Perrenland (Concatenated Cantons of)

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