Pale, Theocracy of The

Ruler: His Worshipful Mercy, Supreme Prelate of the Pale, Theocrat Ogon Tillit
Capital: Wintershiven (pop 23,400)

The Theocracy of the Pale emerged as a state wholly free of Nyrondese dominance at the Council of Re1 Mord, and has evolved into an ecclesiastical state of notorious intolerance. The entire church hierarchy is devoted to the reverence of Pholtus in his Lawful Neutral aspect (elsewhere, this is taken as a very one-sided view of this god). Virtually all government is under the rule of the church, which has its own bureaucracy of byzantine complexity.

The Theocracy stayed well out of the Greyhawk Wars, regarding everyone involved as degenerate heretics. It was ignored by other nations; although its standing army is typically only 4,000 strong, the Church Militant is a paramilitary body of warriors and warrior-priests who are among the most disciplined, bravest, and bestequipped troops the Flanaess has ever seen. Patrolling the borders of the Theocracy, they easily fend off incursions by humanoids from the Rakers and Griffs or rabble from the Bandit Kingdoms and Tenh.

The Theocracy’s lands are not good for growing crops, and it is forced to trade with Urnst for food. The Theocracy formerly traded with Nyrond for food, but Nyrond can no longer afford exports. Silver and gems are the core resource of the Theocracy. Its people are deeply religious, hard-working folk whose idea of fun is singing hymns. A Theocracy saying is, “Cold weather is Pholtus’s way of telling you to throw another heretic on the fire.

Pale, Theocracy of The

Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan