Onnwal, State of

Leader: Exalted Sister Kuranyie, Shepherd of Onnwal
Capital: Scant (pop. 4,200)

Originally part of the South Province, Onnwall was a founding member of the Iron League. Its fine defenses against land invasion (the Headlands), together with that alliance, made it a strong, free state. Onnwal had significant sea power, and together with Idee, formed a powerful trading center and naval base. Periodic sea raids from the navy of the Herzog of South Province were easily fended off, sometimes with secret support from Nyrond men-of-war.

Onnwal was an excellent resource for the Scarlet Brotherhood to acquire through its treachery. In addition to most of its fleet (a few vessels escaped up the Nesse river and into Nyrond), Onnwall yielded platinum and silver mines in the Headlands, although clans of determined dwarves still control a significant percentage of these and manage to ship their products out through Irongate, via a long network of underground tunnels.

Scant is an exceptionally well-fortified port, virtually impregnable to land or naval assault, but it fell from within at the hands of Brotherhood assassins.

The ordinary folk of Onnwal are terrified of their new masters, and an especially cruel ruler imposes on this land. Because Onnwallers try to escape by sea across the Sea of Gearnat, Kuranyie keeps hostages from almost every family in the land, executing them if their relatives dare to escape.

Onnwal, State of

Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan