Murlynd takes the form of a handsome Oeridian male with weathered features. He is clothed in worn leather, and wears a light-colored hat of a type unfamiliar to the Flanaess. He appears aloof and taciturn, though he is quite personable among his allies. Murlynd is dangerous only when provoked by evil beings. He is known to wield the longsword, battle axe, and crossbow, as well as weapons of more unusual make. Murlynd is especially fond of a pair of strange, hand-held weapons that emit powerful projectiles. He has referred to these weapons variously as “45’s,” “six shooters,” and “hog legs.”

Murlynd was sponsored to godhood by Heironeous. He is also known to be an ally of Celestian, Phaulkon, Zagyg, Keoghtom, Mordenkainen, and Heward. Iuz is one of his most fierce enemies. He was once a member of Zagyg’s Company of Seven. Later, he adventured in disguise with members of the Citadel of Eight. He is currently on another plane contending with Saint Kargoth over a weapon known as the Quannon.

Murlynd encourages others to learn from the advancements of civilized races in order to improve the lives of the common folk. His followers will not use inferior items if superior ones are available to them; they are commanded to protect the weak and innocent and to act with honor. They are always to consider Heironeous’s followers their allies and Hextor’s followers their enemies.

Murlynd’s holy book, which often bears his symbol, is titled Murlynd’s Early Adventures & Subsequent Ventures


Murlynd’s priests strive to uphold the virtues of law and good, and often work with the clergy of Heironeous toward this end. They use their knowledge of technology to aid the common man, and are encouraged to invent new devices and improve upon old ones. They work to destroy extremely dangerous magical or technological devices, and often find themselves working toward this end with followers of Phaulkon.

Spells past by clerics of Murlynd look different from standard divine magic, adding elements of a technological nature as Murlynd’s own spells do.

Paladins dedicated to Murlynd are called the White Paladins. They are actually an extremely rare sect of the church of Heironeous rather than an independent faith. They share Murlynd’s fascination with otherworldly weapons and technology, seeking to use such items in their crusade against Evil. They can usually be recognized by their eccentric hodgepodge armor and clothing, much of it created themselves. They jealously guard the secrets of the firebrands, strange devices that can fire metallic balls at high speeds. They travel in search of exotic new equipment.

Their motto is Technology is an instrument of Justice so long as the hand that wields it is True

Murlynd’s origins are unknown, other than his ethnic background. What is known is that he was a paladin of Heironeous and a member of the Company of Seven. He aided Zagyg in imprisoning Iuz beneath Castle Greyhawk, which has earned him the enmity of the Old One for life. At some point, Murlynd was sponsored to godhood by Heironeous. In disguise, he adventured for a time with members of the Citadel of Eight, including Tenser, Robilar, and Terik.


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