March of Bissel


Ruler: Graf Imran Tedulkar, Shield of the Faith
Capital: Thornward (pop. 4,220)

Bissel is a small state that has been a vassal of its greater neighbors for much of its history, ruled originally by Keoland, then Furyondy, and now Ket. It enjoyed less than a century of independence before the war, ruled by a succession of margraves. Both of its old rulers supported it as a buffer against Ket. Bissel traditionally employed many mercenaries in the ranks of its armies, but their presence did not avail it when Ket invaded.

Bissel is a fertile land, blessed with gold in the Lorridges and the eastern edge of the Barrier Peaks, where dwarves search diligently for the precious metal. The dwarven clans were used to trading with Ket as well as Bissel, and the invading Ketites have been very careful to maintain good relations with them.

Ket’s invasion of Bissel was in large part opportunistic, and the Beygraf of Ket clearly hopes for further opportunities as Iuz and Furyondy weaken each other. He wished the old Margrave of Bissel, Walgar, to rule as a puppet, but the old soldier preferred death by ritual suicide after signing the treaty of surrender. Graf Imran rules instead in Beygraf Zoltan’s name.

The Ketites have not interfered much with the daily life of Bisselites. They know that this is a people which has a historical tradition of being a shuttlecock between powerful neighbors, and that given time, they will accept their new rulers. Or so the Ketites think. Imran has made plain his desire to retain Bissel’s remaining mercenary and homegrown troops, and pays them well.

If there has been any major change, it is that the Ketite priesthoods zealously seek converts among the Bisselite folk, so far without discernible success. Some Bisselites fled to the Gran March or Veluna in the face of the invaders, but most stayed, and now lead their lives much as before the wars.


March of Bissel

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