Lordship of the Isles (Principality of)

Lordship of the isles

Ruler: (in name) His Exalted Highness, Prince Frolmar Ingerskatti (Scarlet Brotherhood)
Capital: Sulward (pop. 5,000)
Lendore isles greyhawk
This scattered principality stretches across seven islands lying between the Tilva Strait and southern Lendore, and was originally occupied by pirates. The pirates soon found that trade (especially from Hepmonaland up to the Great Kingdom) and exacting tribute from trade vessels passing through the Tilva Strait offered much easier living.

During the wars, the former prince, Latmac Ranold, was suddenly deposed and replaced by a Scarlet Brotherhood puppet, who at once removed the islands from the ranks of the Iron League and allied the lands with the mysterious brothers. Scarlet Brotherhood agents are now in almost all positions of power within the lands.

The Lordship’s vessels still trade with the anarchic states of south and east Aerdy, and continue to fight the Sea Barons as they always have. However, the Brotherhood also uses the fleet to ferry people and cargoes to Onnwall, Idee, and across the Azure Sea to the Sea Princes.

A handful of the original Lords of the Isles managed to escape with their vessels to Dullstrand when they saw how the Brotherhood would subjugate them, but they have found little welcome there. Those who sailed northward met gleeful Sea Baron warships only too happy to sink them. The Lordship of the Isles is now wholly controlled by the Scarlet Brotherhood.


Lordship of the Isles (Principality of)

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