Kron Hills

Kron Hills
These heights spring eastward from the Lortmil Mountains and reach almost to the Nyr Dyv. Their verge forms the southern boundary of Veluna, then stretches beside the Velverdyva River for a time before peaking in the heart of the Gnarley Forest. Their southern slopes demark the end of the Wild Coast region and are part of the northern region of Celene.

Some 20,000 gnomes live within these hills, which extend from the Lortmils, forming the northern boundary of Celene, and into the Gnarley Forest. The gnomes have a history of being a free, independent, and very brave folk, playing a full role in the Hateful Wars and ruling themselves as they wish, despite Verhobonc’s longtime claim to rulership over the northern fringe of the hills. They have fair relations with the Gnarley elves (although the elves tend to seclusion), cooler ones with their brethren in Celene, and ally well with the dwarven enclaves bordering on the Lortmils.

The hills themselves are mined for precious metals and gems, and the upper slopes are quite fertile. Many sheltered valleys and glens yield good harvests of crops, and no few humans live there as farmers, shepherds, and the like.

The northern region of the hills form a gnomish realm known as the Free Assembly of the Kron Hills, ruled by Urthgan the Eldest of Tulvar.


Notable flora of the Kron Hills include the flowering narcotic plant tanbrosh, which grows near the village of Rastor. Notable fauna include the camprat.

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The Temple of Elemental Evil

Kron Hills

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