Irongate, Free City Of

Ruler: His Resolute Honor, Lord Mayor of Irongate, Cobb Darg
Population: 48,000 (city)
This large, walled city originally thrived on sea trade via Onnwal and the west. It has a history of almost contemptuous independence from the Great Kingdom, and was an eager founding member of the Iron League in 446 CY It was able to maintain a significant naval force for generations, and its own troops mixed fierce and strong infantry with accurate and deadly crossbowmen.
Cobb Darg is a ruler exceptional wit and guile. He watched the spies of the Scarlet Brotherhood carefully in the pre-war days, unwilling to accept their smooth words at face value, and had
the whole group rounded up and despatched or expelled just as Onnwal and Idee fell. Irongate’s
armies also decisively repulsed Ahlissan forces Brothwhen Sunndi could not. The Free City is a determined, strong body of folk. Duke Coriell of Onnwall took refuge here during the war.

Irongate is now almost under seige. Its navy has been largely sunk by Scarlet Brotherhood
forces, and the bulk of the population is confined within the city. Half of those who used to live in the hilly lands around have fled into its safety. Only a handful of dwarven mining clans stay beyond the security of its walls.

Irongate dwarves are excavating a tunnel system to the most important of the mines, working night and day, aware that while they are throwing a lifeline to their brethren, they are also establishing an entry point into the city. Work is apace reinforcing and strengthening all city walls, towers, and keeps, with the dwarves again playing a leading role. This feeling of imminent seige brings out the stoic, strongest qualities of the dwarven race, and the humans of Irongate realize what an asset they have in their presence. Dwarven priests, together with a handful of priests of Ulaa, have bound powerful warding spells into Irongate’s defenses.

Irongate has a vital teleportation link to Mitrik which enables a steady trickle of trade to continue. Of course, the Scarlet Brotherhood is technically at peace with Irongate, and Irongate could ship its goods out safely by sea-in theory. The Scarlet Brotherhood would, of course, deny any responsibility for those ships being attacked by kraken, sea serpents, or similar monsters. The folk of lrongate are no fools

Irongate also manages some trade with the old South Province of the Great Kingdom, and from the Iron Hills some perilous trade with Sunndi manages to continue. But Irongate remains a city under seige, and outsiders are carefully policed and watched at all times, and allowed to stay only briefly and within a specified, small area.

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Irongate, Free City Of

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