Idee (County of)

Ruler: Elder Brother Vasiliek, Shepherd of Idee
Capital: Naerie (pop. 5,150)
Idee seceded from Aerdy in the mid-fifth century when hid came to power. As a member of the Iron League, with Ahlissa as a buffer, this small state became prosperous through sea trade to Onnwall and further to Nyrond, becoming a major source of income in addition to ores, gold, and livestock. However, the string of northern castles which the Counts of Idee built along their northern border, fearing Aerdy, were useless against the internal subversion and southern invasion from the sea mounted by the Scarlet Brotherhood, and Idee collapsed in a matter of days.

Few folk escaped, although Duke Coriell and a powerful militia contingent managed to flee to Irongate. The local population is now ruled harshly by the Scarlet Brotherhood, who exert a reign of terror, combining scouring the land for skilled converts to their cause with spying and repression. It is rumored that many people have been carried off for use in the sinister breeding programs of the Brotherhood, and that the western Menowood is infiltrated by Hepmonaland savages imported by Vasiliek. Hard facts are difficult to obtain.

579 CY: Nyrond and Almor join the Iron League to form the Golden League. The League immediately declares war on the Great Kingdom in response to Imperial aggression in the Adri Forest, Relmor Bay, Idee and Sunndi.

579-580 CY: War of the Golden League between the Golden League and the Great Kingdom. The war concludes with the Great Kingdom seeing off the attacks of the Golden League. The army of
Idee loses much of its strength in the war, especially among its officers and cavalry. As Idee is unable to replace losses quickly, this cost them dearly when the Scarlet Brotherhood attacked four years later. Fedorik Eddri dies due a sudden heart attack. His nephew Coriell becomes the new Count of Idee.

583 CY: The Greyhawk Wars: Ivid V attacks Almor, Nyrond and the Iron League. The Grand Field Force of the South Provence marches into the Iron Hills, while Pitchfield, the capital of Sunndi, falls to the Glorioles Army.
The Iron League receives aid secretly from the Scarlet Brotherhood. Osson’s Ride begins, with Almor’s cavalry passing through the Thelly Forest and plunging into the South Province. Herzog Chelor moves troops from the Iron Hills east and reluctantly accepts aid from the Overking. The Aerdi army, under the Grandee Despotrix of the army, his Highness Yimdil of Jalpa, marches southwest to engage Osson. Commandant Osson defeats the Glorioles Army at the Battle of the Rieuwood and liberates Sunndi. Osson is repulsed from Nulbish, but turning south and east, defeats Medegian forces, forcing Holy Censor Spidesa to flee to Rauxes where he suffers the Endless Death. The Eastern Pact of Alliance is signed in Oldred between Nyrond, Almor, Onnwal, Idee, Irongate, Sunndi, the Lordship of the Isles and the County of Urnst, pledging support against the Great Kingdom.
In Idee, House Devnor is infiltrated by Brotherhood agents. Many fall under the control of ‘overseer’ mind control parasites.

584 CY: The Lordship of the Isles withdraws from the Iron League and pledges its allegiance to the Scarlet Brotherhood. Osson defeated in Medegia by Ivid’s armies.
Herzog Chelor III of the South Province is executed for his incompetence in the wars and replaced by Reydrich of Naelax
Onnwal and Idee fall to the Scarlet Brotherhood. Szek Ewerd Destron assassinated in Scant. Many members of the Ideean noble houses, except House Devnor, lose most of their members to assassination. Coriell Eddri is saved by timely intervention of his guards and later manages to flee into Irongate. The armies of Idee are massacred as, leaderless, they try to retreat into the Iron Hills. Naudus Heshun and his family flee Idee for the South Province. They are later followed by House Oedil. Lord Mayor Cobb Darg foils the Brotherhood’s attempt to capture Irongate. Kesh Vasiliek becomes the Overseer of the occupation, along with several other ‘regional leaders’ placed in each barony.
The Great Kingdom of Aerdy fractures into hundreds of petty states and the South Province (Ahlissa) declares independence from the Great Kingdom. Later in the year, the Pact of Greyhawk is signed, bringing the Greyhawk Wars to a close

585 CY: House Devnor are allowed to govern their lands under the control of Brotherhood, appearing as slaves of the Scarlet Sign.

Idee (County of)

Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan