Ice Barbarians (Kingdom of Cruskh)

Ruler: His Ferocious Majesty, Lolgoff Bearhear, King of Cruski; Faastal of all the Suelii
Capital: Glot (pop. 5,000)
The Ice Barbarians are an utterly chaotic bunch, inhabiting the bitter northern and eastern edges of the Thillonrian Peninsula. They are formidable seamen, raiding west along the northern coast of Stonefist (in summer when the break-up of ice allows this), allying with other barbarians to raid the Bone March or the North Province, or sometimes simply raiding the other barbarians or Ratik.

Their most despised enemies, however, are the Sea Barons, with whom they fight an endless series of sea skirmishes. In recent years, the Cruskii have been more reliable allies with the other barbarians and most of their marauding has been directed toward the North Province. Like other barbarians, the Cruskii are proud, strong, fierce folk with a determined sense of personal honor despite their chaotic and willful natures. Their Jarls are proudly independent of the King, who exercises his authority only when he must.

The Cruskii appreciate bards as all barbarians do, and they also have a superstitious half-reverence for the nomadic druids among them, whom they believe to be chosen by the Powers and/or reincarnations of special souls.

Ice barbarian

Ice Barbarians (Kingdom of Cruskh)

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