Hornwood Forest


This modestly-sized forest in the former Duchy of Geoff would not merit much discussion here if it were still in its pre-war state. In those days, it yielded hornwood of moderate quality and was home to a thousand or so sylvan elves, but was avoided by many due to the presence of lurking giants and humanoids from the Crystalmists. However, over a thousand human soldiers and a like number of peasants were driven into its depths during the giant troubles. They were largely saved by elven bowmen, druids, and mages, and now there is a sizeable enclave of Geoff folk here, surrounded by humanoids.

The natural resources of the forest will not sustain these folk indefinitely, since even with druidic guidance, forage here is not abundant. It is also some 200 miles to the nearest safe haven (the eastern Oytwood), and those trapped here do not know of the peace that has settled on the central Flanaess. Obviously, the elves do not want to leave these woods, and the humans will find it hard to mount an escape on their own. Humanoids and giants also raid the margins of the wood from time to time Something must give here before long.

Hornwood Town

Hornwood Forest

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