Greyhawk Lands

Along the Selintan: Settlements and people along this vital waterway and the River Road.
Two Ford
Peculiar Manor
One Ford
Bright Tower Keep

The Plain of Greyhawk and the Mistmarsh:
The main fertile lands of the Selintan basin, and the more forbidding terrain of the great central marshland.

The Cairn Hills:
These extensive rolling hills, rising to the mountains north of the Abbor- Alz, are lands where the Free City now holds greater sway than ever before.

The Abbor-Alz:
Bordering the Bright Desert, the Mountaineer Militia of Greyhawk regularly patrols and spies on these hostile hills that are filled with dangers and mysteries.

The Gnarley Forest:
Greyhawk looks to secure its western flank against humanoids creeping north through the Welkwood; this is where it seeks to protect its interests.

The Wild Coast:
This includes the beleaguered town of Safeton, its neighbor Narwell, the northernmost reaches of the Welkwood, and the unstable buffer zone bordering on the expanded Pomarj.

The Free City of Greyhawk

Greyhawk Lands

Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan