Grandwood Forest

Grandwood forest

The is perhaps the only part of the old Great Kingdom with some claim to being an
enclave of the fair and good. It has been for over a century the refuge for those fleeing the cruelties of the Overking or the Herzog of North Province. The wood elves of this forest, some 7,000 in number, take care to establish the credentials of those who seek refuge here, challenging them to swear oaths by the gods of good, and magically testing their alignments.

Historically, Medegia and men from Re1 Astra have laid formal claim to this forest, but their opposition to each other prevented either from mounting a concerted assault on the great
swathes of land covered by the Grandwood. Now that Medegia is a ruined land, and the ruler
of Re1 Astra is concerned with revenge on his Overking, the Grandwood folk are arguably more secure than ever before. Certainly, the natural defenses of the Grandwood are formidable, with great tangles and thickets of vegetation and excellent branch perches for elven archers.

Grandwood people are cunning and cautious. Historically, they have often dressed as soldiers of the Great Kingdom, making it easier to infiltrate troops seeking entry into the Grandwood and preventing them from knowing friend from foe. To counter this, the Overking began to employ humanoid troops, and some of these creatures (notably orcs) have managed to survive, though they are ruthlessly hunted by the elves and woodsmen, as are the few bandits and brigands fled here from old Aerdy.

The Grandwood folk now trade more with Re1 Astra than previously, since it seems plain that they have little to fear from that quarter. They do not trust those they do not know, and they continue to buy weapons and resources to defend themselves.

Grandwood Forest

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