Gamboge Forest


The Gamboge is an old and especially dense forest lying between the Theocracy of the Pale and Nyrond. Its inhabitants (some 6,000 humans, 10,500 wood elves, 1,300 high elves, and 2,800 gnomes) give fealty to neither state, though they prefer the tolerance of Nyrond.

Volunteer brigades from the Gamboge fought with Nyrondese troops in Almor against the Great Kingdom armies, but the Gambogers always keep an eye on the Bone March humanoids raiding across the Rakers, and are strongly protective of the demihumans of the Flinty Hills. The sylvan and high elves are considering the efforts of the wood gnomes to establish a formal alliance with the Flinty Hills folk, but there is some reluctance so to do, since in the alliance with Nyrond, the Gambogers lost troops and received nothing in return. There is a feeling in certain quarters that the same might happen if a formal alliance were forged with the hillfolk.

The Gamboge is a dangerous enough place, with marauding ogres and hobgoblins living there, in addition to invaders from the Bone March. Gamboge elven bowmen are superb at the use of bows in woodland, however, with deadly accuracy and excellent tactics in groups. This remains a relatively peaceful enclave, ready to trade wood, fruits, nuts, tubers, and the like with Nyrond on terms highly favorable to that impoverished nation.

Gamboge Forest

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