Edmund Sarneth


Paladin of Rao from Veluna City

Son of Mathew Sarneth- Diocese Representative of the Celestial Order of Veluna

Oh so is the fate of man, this man, Edmund Sarneth the Just, Paladin of Rao.
The Wars were hard on everyone. Evil may not have totally over taken all of Oerth and totally trumped good, but, what it did do was help create holes in the hearts of some men that were once filled with such good that nothing could mislead them from their path.

So was thought of a promising Paladin of Rao from Veluna City. All in Veluna, from the town of Valkurl, to Lorrish, to the city of Mitrik, spoke of this great new warrior of good. How it would be soon be Veluna that would lead the charge and help push back Iuz from the borders of Furyondy. How this Paladin would someday soon lead that very charge. Canon Hazen himself once visited the young lad. He had his doubts but wanted to believe that such a heart of pure good can still exist. If there is any hope, that it must exist.
And so was forged a weapon for the Paladin. A weapon that would help cut down those that stood on the side of evil, or bring to justice those that ask for mercy and forgiveness. For such is the way of the Paladin.

Captured by the slavers in Dyvers, he was found many months later in Cantona fighting the orcs in the pits as a minotaur. Not being able to remember his past and calling himself “Angus Black,” he fell just a few months later in the temple of Highport. The party was forced to abandoned his body in the orc city.

Edmund Sarneth

Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan