Drachensgrab Hills

Drachensgrab hills

This hill range has a small group of peaks north of Stoneheim that could more properly be called mountains. The entirety of the Drachensgrabs was contested between eastern Ulek (the Principality) and the Pomarj humanoids in the years before the Wars, and the humanoids have now mostly overrun the area. Enclaves of hill and mountain dwarves still hold out against them, though, and hoard their considerable wealth. The Drachensgrabs yield gems of relatively low value but fine quality, and some electrum and gold besides.

These same hills also contain a good number of rare and magical monsters such as chimerae, gogimerae, cockatrices, and a few hippogriffs, to which may be added wyverns, displacer beasts, a few laired behir in the mountains, and such.

Some speculate that a terrible curse has been set upon part (unspecified) of the hills, and legends relate that some powerful being or beings will arise in anger if their resting place below the Drachensgrabs is disturbed.

Drachensgrab Hills

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