Corusk Mountains- Griff Mountains- Rakers


This great northeastern chain of mountains extends from the easternmost Ice Barbarian lands right down to the Flinty Hills and North Province.

The Corusks become less dangerous from the threat of humanoids and monsters the farther east one goes, but the unpredictable freezing fogs and mists that can sweep down from them in a matter of minutes are a hazard to any traveler. Most peaks here are permanently ice-capped, and while frost giants, yeti, and taer are not common, they are dangerous enough to keep most folk away.

The Griffs contain more monsters, with ogres, various types of troll, and ever-hungry griffons especially noteworthy. White puddings are also a feature of the Griffs. There is reputed to be a great subterranean orcish city, Garel Enkdal, within the Griffs, and a secret hidden land of more romantic aspect. Ruled by a powerful nonhuman prince, protected from invasion and spying by might and especially magic and illusion, this tiny realm is said to have buildings roofed with copper and silver and to be lit by magical lanterns encrusted with softly glowing gemstones. This is probably just another gnomish campfire tale, and certainly no one claims to have actually seen the place.

The Rakers are the original home of most of the humanoids that have infested the Bone March, and there are plenty more where they came from. The mountains are named after the series of sharply-tipped peaks characteristic of this area. The mountain dwarves who still live within the Rakers have tended to retreat into deeper and deeper subterranean realms with the passage of time, settling in caverns of extraordinary beauty and complexity above the underdark lands, which can be accessed in only a handful of places below the peaks

Corusk Mountains- Griff Mountains- Rakers

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