Bone March

Bone march
Ruler: None
Capital: none; largest city is Spinecastle (pop. 6,000)
Bone march 1
Originally, this land was part of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy in its full majesty, Aerdy contested its rulership with the barbarians, especially the Fruztii, for long centuries of tension and battle. Its sinister name comes from a great battle in which the barbarian forces were vanquished, leaving a plain of bodies so numerous that not more than a fraction could be buried. The bleached bones of corpses from that epic battle are still visible from the towers of Spinecastle

In 560 CY, the humanoids of the Rakers began major forays into these lands. Turmoil within the
Great Kingdom was so great that opposition to them could not be effectively mustered. Within four years, the orcs, gnolls, and ogres of the hills and mountains had swept across the lands in an orgy of pillage and slaughter. Rapacious and merciless, the humanoids attacked the North Province, the Theocracy of the Pale, Ratik (especially), and even Nyrond. During the Wars, the humanoids continued their vicious attacks on Ratik, and Grenell, Herzog of the North Province, allied with the humanoids to beat off the Nyrondese advance into Almor and beyond in the Flinty Hills. The alliance was one of desperation, but it ground the Nyrondese armies to a halt. The Bone March humanoids gained new territory from this, in the southernmost Flinty Hills and the northwestern Adri Forest, though their hold there is tenuous.

The humanoids of the Bone March still seek to destroy Ratik, the beleaguered gnomes of the Flinty Hills, and any other territory they can advance into; their “alliance” with the North Province has already begun to disintegrate due to the ill-organized and undisciplined nature of these creatures. They have no leader, and are a quarrelsome rabble, but are numerous and hence dangerous. The Euroz tribe of orcs (who rub their faces in the ash of burned victims when preparing for battle) are most numerous in Spinecastle, but their dominance may not last very long. They are known to subject human and demihuman (especially prized) captives to unspeakable degradations and tortures.


Bone March

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