A priest/fighter of _______. He left the Cairn Hills in 584 CY to look for work in the city of Hardby.

He joined the party on 27th of Reaping and helped lead the chase against the Scarlet Brotherhood that ultimately lead to the city of Highport before getting teleported into The Astral Plane.

He travelled with the bests of the bests: Rufio, the great elf thief from Highfolk, Ri-yun, an elf fighter from Veluna, the great soldier from the Principality of Ulek, Gustav (still alive and in the campaign), Thronyn, the great elf ranger, and Nao-ta “Roa” Yamaguchi, a wuj-en from the far east Kara Tur

When the partys leader Thronyn fell, the dwarf lead the party on many bloody encounters against the orcs of The Pomarj. His hatred for the humanoids is legendary.

He, like Thronyn, are thought of as great heroes in the crusade against evil.

His demise came on 13th of Ready ‘reat, 585 CY by a demon just a day after returning back to Oerth in the Mistmarsh. The demon turned him and Horris, the partys Wild Mage, into ghasts.


Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan