Bandit Kingdoms

Bandit kingdoms2
Bandit kingdoms
Bandit Kingdoms
Ruler: none (Iuz)
Capital: largest city in strongest fiefdom,
currently Rookroost (pop. 11,650)

See The Bandit Lands

The Bandit Kingdoms were a collection of petty holdings founded between 300-350 CY. Originally, each little kingdom was ruled by a bandit chieftan laying claim to a noble title, althouph no kingdom had much territorial stability. The dominant fiefs within the lands were those of Reyhu Grosskopf, Dimre, Johrase, and the city of Rookroost, each of which had rulers strong enough to hold their territories against rivals. Bandits lived by raiding Tenh, the Shield Lands, Urnst, Nyrond (more rarely), the Theocracy of the Pale, and each other. Sometimes, rival rulers would temporarily ally to fend off retributive attacks from those nations.

These lands have been almost wholly occupied by the forces of Iuz since the war. The bandit forces themselves are greatly divided. Some, notably the more evil, have taken service with Iuz, who uses them to crush the last vestiges of the Rovers of the Barrens and, disclaiming responsibility, to skirmish into the Theocracy and Urnst.

A number of minor servitors of Iuz control the recruited bandits and humanoids originally from the Horned Society and Iuz itself within these lands. Other bandits have fled to Urnst, granted amnesty in return for enlisting as troops or mercenaries. They often present problems for the rulers of the lands they have fled to, due to their strongly chaotic natures, drunkenness, and poor discipline. Some, including the most chaotic, continue to exist as
bandits within these lands, especially in and around the Rift Canyon and the Fellsreev Forest, and these include many from the five old powerful fiefs who still display their shields proudly. These bandits are skilled horsemen and gutsy warriors despite knowing when to cut and run. They are mostly untrustworthy, but they adhere to the belief that their enemy’s enemy is their friend and if they give a blood oath, they will die rather than go back on their word. The women of these lands are outnumbered by the men, but share their characteristics. including swaggering arrogance and love of strong drink.

Bandit Kingdoms

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