Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

3rd of Wealsun, 586 CY

Welkwood Forest
Hign 84
Low 73
Partly cloudy

Begins mid afternoon and lasts 3 hours
MV 1/2, Vision 1/4
Tracking -10
19 mph winds
10% getting lost

The party decides to wait out the storm Several hours later, with the rain subsiding, they decide to head out. Within a few miles they come across a Treant. Davian Urthadar is quickly recognized as a Gnarley Forest Ranger.
The Treant speaks in the common tongue but each word is slow to come out. A small sentence takes rounds. "Careful protector of forests, " it says. “I am Grayspruce of the Welkwood and must tell you humanoids lurk nearby. Huge orcs that look strange to me.”
“In treant tongue Davian says to it, “thank you wise one. Boethian Volonwood and I will do all we can to keep you and rest of the forest safe.”

Within a few miles the party spots a group of bugbears. “These must be the orcs the Treant spoke of,” says Boethian.
More than a dozen. They look hungry.
The bugbears fight to the death. Moral drops and a few flee. The PC’s do not give chase

It takes the party nearly an entire day to reach the ruined temple

Saranee of the Chapeaux immediately gets to work, “the sooner we’re done the sooner you can get your pay and be on your way.”
Near the back of the ruins is a stairway to the level below. it is relatively clean. The rangers both notice muddied tracks. They’re ogre sized with a three toe print.
The stair are both high and narrow. Movement must be single file. There are about 30 stairs that lead to an unlocked old wooden door.
Davian forces the door open. Inside there are several hook horrors and ogres.
The cleric, Gurvinvar, quickly puts up a wall of stone trapping Davian and a hook horror inside with the ranger.
Meanwhile, as Saranee of the Chapeaux and the mage, Jace Belerer watchthe outside of the entrance, a beholder makes it way towards them. It’s 10 eyes and central eye aggressively attack the PCs’s
It attempts to take out the 2 before the others come up the stairs. He throws that mage into the air and then attempts a death ray on the priestess but fails.
The rest of the party finally reaches the beholder. Most in for melee. There is no doubt someone will fall. Sure enough one of the eyes looks at Gurvinar. A green bolt comes out, the cleric disintegrates. The beholder decides to try and get away as it uses its eyes to defend itself. But it’s weak. The party finishes him off.

2nd of Wealsun, 586 CY

The Buffer Zone
One day east of the Welkwood Forest
High 80
Low 74
Heavy Rainstorm
4" rain
Lasts 1 hour
1/2 movement, 1/4 vision
22 mph winds

The priestess casts control weather. She is able to at least protect the group from the elements. As the party prepares to enter the borders of Fax. The ruined city of Fax is a broiling, boiling, oozing sore on the face of Flanaess and a pirates’ den, for slavers, raiders, and smugglers. The PC’s notice several silhouettes in the rain. “Drop your weapons and no one will be hurt. I will not ask again,” one of them yells out.

1st of Wealsun, 586 CY

The Buffer Zone
Just south of Safeton
High 82
Low 75
5" rain
Lasts 4 hours (starts around 10am)
23 mph winds
1/2 movement rate

28th of Flocktime, 586 CY

High 72
Low 65

Cloudy night/early morning
Outside the Temple of Pelor (52)
About 2am

Screaming can be heard outside your window. A woman’s screams can be heard. She and her family are being assaulted less than a hundred feet away.
Classic Safeton bandits. The PCs know if they get involved and if Turin Deathstalker’s men show up, whether right or wrong they will pay the price. The decide to intervene anyway.

They manage to protect the woman and her family. They quickly take care of several of the bandits. The others flee. “Back in the Temple as fast as you can,” says the priestess.

27th of Flocktime, 586 CY

Woolly Bay
High 71
Low 68
Partly Cloudy Day that turns into a thunderstorm
1 day east of Safeton
4" of rain
lasts 3 hours
24 mph winds

“More bad weather is on the way,” she says. We must hurry to Safeton.
Late that evening the ship reaches the city of Turin Deathstalker.
“Watch yourselves. This is a city full of cut throats and men of low morality,” says Saranee of the Chapeaux. “We will rest for the evening and leave 1st thing in the morning”

26th of Flocktime, 586 CY

Woolly Bay
High 71
Low 68
Partly Cloudy Day

The ship is crossing west to Safeton. An unfamiliar ship, probably some sort of pirate ship can be seen hurrying south. The captian will not give chase.

25th of Flocktime, 586 CY

High 73
Low 59
A heavy fog takes over the city

The ship is ready. The captian is ready to sail. The priestess grows anxious.

It will take 2 more days to reach Safeton

24th of Flocktime, 586 CY

The Gale finally subsides and a filthy city is reborn
High: 72
Low: 65
Clear day with some clouds.

The captain informs the adventures that the ship will be ready the next day

23rd of Flocktime, 586 CY

The Gale continues and sweeps through the city.
High: 72
Low: 65
6" of rain
60-75 miles per hour winds

22nd of Flocktime, 586 CY

The Gale continues and sweeps through the city.
High: 72
Low: 65
5" of rain
60-75 miles per hour winds


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