Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

28th of Readying, 586 CY

High 42
Low 25
A cold drizzle that lasts from the very early morning (about 2am) and lasts until right before lunch
Verbobonc City is still a couples day away.

Late in the day you come across a large group of more than 30 mountain gnomes heading back to the Kron Hills.

A few hours later the party comes across a Verbobonc patrol on heavy horses. On their flags the emblem of the county hangs proudly in the wind. A captain insists the PCs stop, asks where they are heading. After a few minutes Captain Quimbly seems satisfied and allows the PCs to leave.
In his scratchy voice he warns the PCs “try to blend in and watch your backs. We cant be everywhere you know”

For the rest of the day the party has no other encounters

26th of Readying, 586 CY

Hommlet map
High 43
Low 25
A heavy rainstorm begins in the late morning and lasts until the early evening. It adds a couple of hours to the already 12 hour march back to Homlett. Steven and Nivek back on their feet as the PCs and priests of St Cuthbert reach The Temple of St Cuthbert later that evening.
The clerics provide 1 resurrection and the PCs decide to pay for the other. Both Bornthien and Gustav return to life. Gustav comments that “it feels like it wasnt the 1st time I have died. Remember that dream I shared with you Steven?”

The party spends a couple of days in Homlett and prepares for their trip to Verbobonc City.
They appraise, sell, and buy new items, magic and heals to aid in their trip.

For the next 2 days the PCs visit places like the Jewelers Store and the The Traders Store where they learn the value of some of the new items and trade in the gems for cash. For a donation to the church, the PCs are able to purchase healing and other types potions.

18th of Readying, 586 CY

Somewhere in the Krons Hills-a 1/2 days walk from Homlett
High 42
Low 25

Alvin of Pholtus returns with 2 clerics of St Cuthbert. The priests are prepared to give heals to the needy, feed the hungry and prepare the dead for the trip home.

To make the trip back to Homlett a little easier everyone rests for 1 week in the cave
The smells of incense mixed with food and wine fit for a king. All courtesy of the church of St Cuthbert.

The cleric, Michael of St Cuthbert, shares with the PCs: “St Cuthbert is smiling on you. He is pleased and promises that soon your friends, Bornthien and Gustav, will return to the prime material. Eat up and drink up and listen to our words” For the next 7 days the priests preach the word to anyone that will listen. Michael of st cuthbert

17th of Readying, 586 CY

High 44
Low 24
A cold but clear day. Spring is slowly but surely making its presence known everywhere. The sun is rising just a little earlier and setting just a little bit later

The party reaches the village of Hommlet

The PCs head to The Church of St Cuthbert on the northwest part of the village. The local priest of St Cuthbert, Calmert, takes in the remains of Thronyn and greets the party.
He explains to the PCs that recently several travellers through the Kron Hills stopped to get water in a cave and reported seeing strange 1/2 women, 1/2 water beasts along with a strange black-and-crimson-snake like monster with a human-like head, stringy hair, in the distance of the cave, before running away.

A few days ago 2 clerics of St Cuthbert were delivering several powerful magical items to Verbobonc City. They were last seen stopping at the same water hole in the Kron Hills. Calmert fears the worse has happened
The cleric wants the PCs to investigate the matter and will pay them
(2) Potions of Neutralize
(2) Cure Critical
(3) Cure light potions
(1) Keoghtoms Ointment

If PCs succeed:
(1) Heal scroll
(1) 15K gp
Will resurrect 1 PC if needed

The cleric gives the party a map of the Kron Hills where the cave is clearly indicated. It will take about 8-10 hours to reach.
The temple is located at the far end of a narrow gorge. The forge is thick with vegetation. There is a clearly defined track running up to a cleft in the rock face at the end of the gorge. This cleft in turn leads into a large cave.

The cave is partly submerged. The waters of this underground lake lap gently against a small shingle beach that extends partway down the southern wall of the cave. The cave of the walls are thick with moss and perculiar types of fungi. Several large rocks jut from the waters of the lake.

Just a few feet away from the water the PCs can easily see what was probably the struggle the cleric was concerned about. It appears as if something or someone was pulled into the water. Michelle stays behind and keeps watch.

The water is some 3 1/2 ft – 4 ft deep and makes it hard to maneuver and almost impossible to fight in. Baroque carries the barely 4’ Bornthien.

2 of the creatures attempt to drown the PCs and then quickly swim away.

The same 2 halfbreeds attack. This time they are caught in a fight with the PCs. One of them is killed and the other 1 escapes

Thanks to the poweful light source by Alvin, the party realizes the 4 feet depth quicky drops off into a 25 ft fall.

Some creative and quick thinking helps them chase after the monsters to an entrace 25 ft deep and 45 ft feet away into the murky drop off. With a little magical help the party sends the cleric of Pholtus, Steven, and Nivek.
A few minutes go by before the rest of the PCs join their already in battle comrads. Bornthien does not survive the trip and drowns

Baroque turns to gas as the rest of the party take more than 5 minutes to enter the main chamber. The room is filled with 7 yuan ti halfbreeds.
Steve is knocked unconcious and nearly drowns as Rick helps him and Bornthien to safety away from the melee.

The beast appears and the battle begins…
Three stones circulate around her head. A pearly white, pale lavender, and a vibrant purple one. 37112 naga4

37112 naga1
The boys, beaten and bloodied, keep the halfbreeds at bay as Rick attempts to help Bornthien and Steven to safety.
37112 naga2

Baroque waits for the mage to dispel magic on his gaseous form

Rick uses his dispel magic. The naga images are gone as Baroque falls to the ground with a thunderous thud.
Moments later Nivek nearly falls to the beasts. Gustav attempts to shield the 1/2 elf but seconds later takes a scimitar straight through the heart and is dead.

The cleric and Rick finish off the halfbreeds The naga gets off several deadly attacks as Baroque finally explodes with a kick to the nagas chest. The damage is too much for her. The battle is over. Baroque stands over her. Another worthy opponent.

The PCs discover a secret room.
Alvin of Pholtus leaves for help and will return within 1 full day.

16th of Readying, 586 CY


High 43
Low 25
A mist begins in the late morning and last most of the day and night

The roads of the county of Verbobonc are well guarded
The party is able to travel for almost 3 days without incident as they finally leave the forest and reach the filthy, ramshackled town of Nulb

The buildings are of turf, mud brick, crudely hewn logs, and old timbers from boats. One or two have stone foundations and proper boards, but even these are in need of repair. The inhabitants of the village are boatmen, fishers, herdsmen, farmers, and the like. It is apparent that no one manages to make much of a living in Nulb

Nulb is known for being a haven for outlaws, bandits, and who knows what else. A few hours later as the party is attempting to rest at the Waterside Hostel, Baroque is confronted by an unsavory man that shares with him how he and the PCs can make a few extra coins. “Just meet me right here at 9PM,” he says.

Later that night the man leads the PCs less than a 1/4 of a mile into the light forest where a makeshift fighting ring has been put together for the pleasure of every cutthroat in the town and elsewhere. Lots of cash is going back and forth as many get ready to place their bets. The area is heavily guarded against pick pockets and the like.
Baroque steps in the ring and moments later applause and screams break out as a monk takes his time walking up and finally enters the ring.
Both Baroque and the monk trade blows and kicks. Both do everything to make sure he is not the one that falls. Finally, after a long and bloody battle, Baroque smashes the monks face in and the fight comes to an end.

That evening Ashult explains to the party that it is time for him to leave and deal with unfinished business. The life of a chronomancer…

The PCs meet a magic user called Rick Mataph, and hire the mage to take up where Ashult left off.

13th of Readying, 586 CY

Gnarley Forest
High 40
Low 34
A clear day
Winter is ending and the foreshawdowing of spring is everywhere as the forest is once again dominated by oak and ipp trees, frequently mixed, with intermittent groves of dekla and yarpick trees where their nuts are once again being harvested by woodsmen and sold by the bushel in the nearby towns and cities.

After 3 long days the party reaches the gnomish mining town of Namburil.
They are confronted by a group of 20 gnomes being lead by the Ricamros Goblinsfoe and his brother Zanmorn Goblinsfoe. They question the PCs and let them know they can camp for the night. For the rest of the evening 2 dozen or more male gnomes keep watch over the party. A few gnome youngens are drawn to the camp where some of the PCs entertain them and tell them stories of their journeys.

9th of Readying, 586 CY

Gnarley Forest
High: 35
Low: 28
The last 2 days for once have been uneventful and given a chance to get to know a little more about some of the PCs both old and new. Steven does his usual round of drunken questioning of the new cleric of Pholtus and 1/2 elf.
For once the characters feel a little safer believing they have indeed been blessed by the blinding light of Pholtus. Did he send you Alvin to ensure a safe journey to Veluna? Bornthien and Gustav certainly think so.

The party makes camp just a few yards off of the makeshift road leading west through the Gnarley. Steven and Baroque decide to take 1st watch.

An hour or so later the PCs that are resting are awakened by Baroque yelling at someone or something and Steven trying to awaken Gustav.

The is someone there, Baroque is sure of it. A couple of the others also heard something.
A moment later 6 hobgoblins appear out of nowhere and step out of the forest. The hobgoblins looked stunned. They have a look of total confusion on their faces, as if they have no idea what they are doing in this part of the forest.

Baroque joins most of the party as they hack the hobgoblins to pieces. During the battle, a faint singing and what appears to be the sound of a mage preparing a spell, can be heard coming from different directions in the nearby forest.

A few minutes after the hobgoblins are all dead Gustav realizes he and Ashults tent has been robbed. Whatever was out there took Ashults spell book and Gustavs gold, his gems, and whatever else was easy to grab .

Seconds later Baroque and Ashult just appear. The mage is able to convince the PCs going after the bandits will be a bad thing and will result in the deaths of Nivek, Bornthien, Gustav. He makes his point by explaining to Nivek that he knows about the “special powder” he is carrying.

7th of Readying, 586 CY

Gnarley Forest
High: 30
Low: 20
A sleetstorm begins sometime in the afternoon and lasts 6 hours. It turns the snow on the ground to wet sleet (about 1" of wet snow) and then freezes over late that night.
Winds are blowing at more than 25 mph
Fern 3
Early evening:
Nivek Nala discovers tracks in the snow and soon realizes they are trailing a band of orcs. They are just a few hours away.

Late that night (around 10PM) the party encounters more than a dozen orcs with a 1/2 orc leader.
A band of orcs
A young woman is tied to a stake and being cooked alive, a young girl is tied and on the ground, another young lady looks dead. There is also a human and 1/2 elf tied to a stake in the ground. Both are barely concious

A large 1/2 orc in plate male stands in the middle as anything he says seems to fire up the orcs. They never hear or see the PCs as the party makes its way closer. Ashult stays behind and trys to hide behind a tree. The orcs are to busy boasting about the greatness of orcs (Ashult reacts in shock as his necklace helps him understand the orc language) and drinking plenty of ale. Several of the orcs can even be seen eating the remains of a young human.
Baroque and Gustav run up and attempt to take on the 1/2 orc. They are soon followed by the rest of the party.
Nivek taking on several at one time, Steven seems to salivate at the chance to kill a few of the filthy beasts. The melee turns into a bloody brawl.
Out of nowhere Ashult attacks one of the orcs with a staff. His fear driving his instinct to survive. The mage not only helps fight off the orcs, he also helps several of the PCs stay alive after they fall to the swords of the orcs and 1/2 orc. He quickly rubs Keotons Ointment on their wounds or offers them cure potions.

After a long and exhausting battle the PCs survive but certainly took their share of lumps.

Steven unties the men and the party offers heals to what turns out to be a cleric of Pholtus and a 1/2 elf mage/fighter. The cleric is called Alvin and the 1/2 elf is Zanshiri. The young girl, at just 10 years old, also joins the party. Her name is Michelle

6th of Readying, 586 CY

Somewhere in the Gnarley Forest
Overcast, cold day.
High: 42
Low: 24
Fern 2
The party continues its travels to the western edge of the Gnarley Forest and then to Veluna. Ashult carries “Bornthien the ant.”

Late morning:
Several of the PCs hear laughter and a low whispering coming from around them.
Moments later 4 lantern like lights begin to hover in front and to the back of the party.
Suddenly a 2 ½ feet tall creatute resembling a small elf, but with longer ears, two silver wings, like those of moths, wearing bright clothing, wearing a cap and a pair of shoes with curled and pointed toes, appears in front of Ashult.
PixieIt reaches out a finger and touches the mage. A look of fear and confusion instantly overcomes the mage. He decides to flee into the forest.
A few seconds go by and another one appears and pulls out a sprite-sized bow. It fires an arrow at Steven and hits. Steven falls to the ground into a deep sleep.
Gustav attempts to tell the party theese creatures mean no harm. It is too late.
Nivek decides he’s had enough and attacks one of the creatures. One hit manages to smash it into pieces.
Another one appears not far from Ashult and hits him with an arrow. Ashult falls to the ground.

The assault is over. Ashult and Steven wake. The mage acts like he’s never seen the party. He has no idea where he is at, cannot remember his own name or any of his mage like abilities.

Later that day, Ashult attempts to once again flee. After a small chase, Baroque and Gustav are able to catch him. This time Gustav lets the mage know he can trust the party or they can tie him up until they reach Verbobonc. Several of the members are able to at least get Ashult to calm down and trust them, for now.

5th of Readying, 586 CY

Deep in the Gnarley Forest
High: 42
Low: 27
Another clear and cold day.
Fern groves
For once, a boring and uneventful day.
An unusuallv thick growth of ferns carpets the forest floor here; though tree leaf cover is thick, enough dappled sunlight reaches the forest floor to sustain these shade-seeking plants.
While travelling together, the PCs take the time to get to know each a little better.
Baroque is unaware that they are heading to Veluna.

That night, while camping, Baroque and Steven decide to finish their fight. Meaning to teach Steven a lesson, Gustav decides to take Baroques place. The fight doesnt go so well as seconds later Baroque jumps in.


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