Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

9th of Reaping, 586 CY


The Principality of Ulek
High 81
Low 60
Quick on and off sprinkles of rain throughout the day make for a muddy mess as soldiers by the thousands train and stay warmed up. The dead pile up as clerics do what they can to give them all the passages to their Gods they deserve.

Better late than never, Auron Blackmore, and a small group of elite dwarfs from the city of Gryrax, finally makes it to the battlefield.

The adventurers describe the battle against the necromancer and his army of undead. The necromancer escaped. They also describe the halfling thief they caught and the assassin that showed up and helped him escape. Shavinski is weary of Auron and insists the clerics verify it is really him.

A military dwarf, he looks battered and exhausted from war interrupts,
“It is rumored that two months ago, a strange visitor arrived from the south. He rode a monstrous skeletal drider and bore a sealed letter from Stalman Klim, High Priest of the Earth Dragon. The visitor, a necromancer named Braxem, proposed an alliance with Klim in exchange for permission to use the numerous dead bodies available in the conquered Wild Coast. In turn, the wizard would provide undead troops and magical assistance for the Slavers. Our spies have confirmed this to be true. There is no doubt that was him. May the Gods protect our pups.”

Like the others, Auron will lead an army of 200 fighters. More than 2,000 men, dwarfs, and elves will march south to The Jewel River where scouts have confirmed an army of more than 2500 orcs, goblins, bug-bears, and ogres are heading north to The Principality.
You will meet them head on.

The camps is on high alert. Just a day ago an assassin successfully pulled off helping another assassin (the captured halfling) escape. They are both still at large. The consistent rain will not allow for any real tracking.
Are there more spies? All day and night clerics cast detect evil and detect lie as they go up and down the ranks checking as many soldiers, commanders, anyone that they can. One of the human soldiers is obviously lying. He tries to make a run for it but is cornered. He takes out several others before being knocked unconscious. He is barely alive and immediately taken to the prison cells of Havenhill. His forearm bares the mark of The Brotherhood. He will be questioned before hanging in the City of Gryrax.
When asked by the priests if there are any more spies he answers no. You know he is not lying because of the detect lie spell. More than likely an assassin or spy is sent in with little or no knowledge other than what his mission is. When asked if his mission was to kill the Prince he answers yes. Other than when under a spell he does not speak at all.

Because it is not safe The Prince only surrounds himself with his most loyal of guards. Prisoners are chained inside their cells. Double watch for everyone. The troops are exhausted. Barely sleeping.

8th of Reaping, 586 CY

Principality of Ulek
High 84
Low 62
More rain covers the lands.

Very early morning, around 2am.

After a heavy bout with the necromancer the remainder of the small army lead by the Pc’s reaches Havenhill. They put the halfling in a small cell with an orc that was captured spying on the camp. The camp is exhausted. Clerics tend to the injured and dead.

Davian will look take 1st watch over the prisoners. A couple of soldiers will stay with the ranger.
A couple of hours go by when Davian notices something strange. Where is the halfling?
A fire begins just 20-30 feet away. One of the tents is burning. Chaos begins as soldiers wake up and do what they can to stop the fire from spreading.
Suddenly ou hear Davian scream and then see a figure all in black appear behind him. His sword comes right out of Davian’s chest. The ranger falls dead. The cell door opens as the halfling makes a run for it. Both assassins are gone. They disappear into the night.

The camps is now on high alert. Are there more spies? Clerics cast detect evil and detect lie as they go up and down the ranks checking as many soldiers, commanders, anyone, that they can. Because it is not safe The Prince only surrounds himself with his most loyal of guards.

7th of Reaping, 586 CY

Principality of Ulek
High 80
Low 64
A clear day
Early morning.
City of Gryrax
Arisoth Darkleaf, Boethian Volonwood, Davian Urthadar, and Shavinski The Orc Slayer take in a few last briefings. They each will lead their own units to Havenhill where they will then rendezvous with a much larger army. Davian will be appointed the leader of the army. Auron Blackmore, Jang Milos, and Jace Belerer will not make the trip. Although Auron says he will join them at some point.

For 2 days the army will travel north east through the Lortmils Mountains. 6 halfling scouts were sent ahead a 1/2 a day ago. So far no word from any of them.

Early evening. Not long after sundown
Littered all over the canyon are dead bodies. Some are more rotten than others. The thick stench of death fills the air. Skeletal parts are everywhere. They are wearing what looks to be clothing with the colors of Ulek. The units carefully move through the graveyard. A few hundred feet away are 6 heads on spikes coming right out of the ground.

The commander of the medium cavalry moves up to take a closer look. His men follow.
He decides to leave the safety of his horse and dismounts. It will be the last mistake he ever makes. Within seconds the undead begin to rise.

A voice from 40 feet away can be heard. He is chanting, "rise….rise…all of you…rise! The smell of burning sulfur fills the air.

Moments later the dismounted commanger he is surrounded by undead. They begin to devour him alive.
The battlefield comes alive with undead and then the necromancer and his colossal skeleton appear. Another priest appears from the opposite end of the field.


The battle begins

Within moments the cavalry is surrounded by wights. It does not take long for more than 100 men on horses to destroyed. The negative energy of the undead drain the life from thr solders as the men’s screams of horror cut through you like a knife.

The army from Gryrax is surrounded.
Shavinski and his dwarves do what they can as Boethian tries to everything he can to keep his troops rallied.
The necromancer begins to prepare a spell as his bone colossus moves in for the attack.
Arisoth Darkleaf and Davian Urthadar move in.
Suddenly a small figure the size of a halfling appears behing the mage/theif. His swords cuts rights through him.
The troops begin to rally and destroy many of the undead. Davian moves in and takes on the huge skeleton.
The Necromancer senses he has lost the battle and uses a spell to flee.
Davian finishes off the colossus
Boethian kills off the evil cleric.
The ranger decides to track the halfling. Sure enough, he finds fresh tracks. “He is right here somewhere,” he says. The halfling tries to get away but the expert tracking of both rangers find him. The strip him and tie him up. He will taken to Havenhill for questioning.
What’s left of the troops will finish their march to Havenhill. They will arrive early morning.

12th of Wealsun, 586 CY

Safeton Marine Quarter
High 81
Low 62
All day long the hard rain comes down. Heavy winds whip through the city.

More than a dozen barges filled with new recruits left The Free City a week ago. Finally arriving in Safeton. A thousand men have signed on. Most have never seen a man die, let alone killed one. Most are very young, maybe 15 or 16, and will never reach adulthood. But these days with displaced refugees from all over Oerth pouring into every major city, any job is hard to come by

Margold Darkeyes, Paladin of Pelor, and his many henchmen, some beginning to learn the way of the Paladin, help train the men. "By the time we reach the shores of Gyrax you will be trained in how to use a sword and bow. Your courage and Pelor will guide you, " he says.

Yennan Heroesblood of The Principality of Ulek, can be seen always walking about. Keeping busy and making sure everything is in order. He does not look very confident in the new recruits.

Three war galleys are stationed at Safeton.
Safeton’s new military governor, Turin Deathstalker, whose reputation as an orcslayer and goblinkin is exceeded only by his infamy as a cold-blooded assassin, is there to see you off.
“When the battle for Safeton comes, we will send thousands of humanoids to their deaths,” he says in a low and calm tone. “I’m envious that so many of you will get the pleasure of killing so many orcs. 100 or 1000 is never enough”

Hardby Marines, mostly made up of hardened dwarfs from the Cairn Hills, are training Safeton men in the hard military duties expected of them under the new conscription law. Hardby, with the persuasion that Greyhawk will be paid well by Prince Olinstaad Corond for their services, has agreed to keep the barges to Gryrax safe. Due to explicit instructions by Nerof Gasgal, Ambassadors of The Free City of Greyhawk, they will not have a part in the war itself. They will allow 3 of their 6 war galleys to make the trip to and from Gryrax.

5th of Wealsun, 586 CY

The Free City of Greyhawk
High 86
Low 62
The Star of Celene
A cloudy overcast day.

The city is quiet. There is a nervous feeling all over the The Garden Quarter.
Palladin’s wearing the sign of Pelor StCuthbert.gif are all over the streets. They are searching every tavern, from the low quarter to the high quarter, for men and women to join the fight against The Pomarj.

They are accompanied by three dwarfs from The Principality of Ulek. Their leader, Yennan Heroesblood, dwarf_2.jpg and one of the paladins enter the inn.


One of the paladins, followed by Yennan, enter the the Star of Celene Inn. The inn goes silent as his clear and strong voice takes over the room, “I am Margold Darkeyes, servant of Pelor. Sent here by the High Matriarch Sarana of Pelor. This is Yennan Heroesblood of The Principality of Ulek, sent here by His Serene Highness, Lord of the Peaks of Haven, Prince Olinstaad. The life-giving sun awaits you. Together with our allies from Ulek we will march into the land of the orcs and erase their evil from this world. Those that wish to serve the cause come with us now or join us tomorrow morning at The Temple of Pelor. You will receive 10 gold per week. Your meals, armor and weapons paid for. Your families will be attended to by the church.”

In a raspy tired voice, the dwarf speaks, “my family has lose many pups to this war. Help us defeat the Despot and our king will reward all of you well.”

The journey will take more than a month. 1st the journey to Safeton where more than a dozen barges from Hardby will then travel to Grygax. The Harby Marines will clear the way against slaver ships and Turrosh Mak’s rumored navy.

4th of Wealsun, 586 CY
4th of Wealsun, 586 CY

The Principality of Ulek, City of Havenhill
High 80
Low 60
A dry overcast day

For years now many from the Free City and beyond have attempted to end the scourge that plagues the south. The Scarlet Brotherhood and Turrosh Mak have done a good job crushing anyone that opposes them. It’s time to take the fight directly to them.
A dwarf scout from The Principality of Ulek, where Gustav was from, returns from the Pomarj. He is all that’s left of a small unit that was sent out to find the hidden city of the slavers: Kalen Lekos. He is bloodied, hungry, and near death. With barely any voice left, “I have found it sire,” he says.

His Serene Highness, Lord of the Peaks of Haven, Prince Olinstaad Corond addresses his council; “long have we waited for this moment. Much blood has been spilt by their filth. Many have lost our own pups to this war. The time is now.”
As he prepares to leave, the same young dwarf that survived asks for another moment of his time, “your grace, please sire, just one more word.” He shares with him news from the north; “there is news, your Grace, that Gustav is dead. I have sent men to find his body and bring it back.”

“Find him and bring him back at all costs,” His Serene Highness replies. “My clerics will resurrect The Despot over and over again. He will live the next 100 years in pain.”

3rd of Wealsun, 586 CY

Welkwood Forest
Hign 84
Low 73
Partly cloudy

Begins mid afternoon and lasts 3 hours
MV 1/2, Vision 1/4
Tracking -10
19 mph winds
10% getting lost

The party decides to wait out the storm Several hours later, with the rain subsiding, they decide to head out. Within a few miles they come across a Treant. Davian Urthadar is quickly recognized as a Gnarley Forest Ranger.
The Treant speaks in the common tongue but each word is slow to come out. A small sentence takes rounds. "Careful protector of forests, " it says. “I am Grayspruce of the Welkwood and must tell you humanoids lurk nearby. Huge orcs that look strange to me.”
“In treant tongue Davian says to it, “thank you wise one. Boethian Volonwood and I will do all we can to keep you and rest of the forest safe.”

Within a few miles the party spots a group of bugbears. “These must be the orcs the Treant spoke of,” says Boethian.
More than a dozen. They look hungry.
The bugbears fight to the death. Moral drops and a few flee. The PC’s do not give chase

It takes the party nearly an entire day to reach the ruined temple

Saranee of the Chapeaux immediately gets to work, “the sooner we’re done the sooner you can get your pay and be on your way.”
Near the back of the ruins is a stairway to the level below. it is relatively clean. The rangers both notice muddied tracks. They’re ogre sized with a three toe print.
The stair are both high and narrow. Movement must be single file. There are about 30 stairs that lead to an unlocked old wooden door.
Davian forces the door open. Inside there are several hook horrors and ogres.
The cleric, Gurvinvar, quickly puts up a wall of stone trapping Davian and a hook horror inside with the ranger.
Meanwhile, as Saranee of the Chapeaux and the mage, Jace Belerer watchthe outside of the entrance, a beholder makes it way towards them. It’s 10 eyes and central eye aggressively attack the PCs’s
It attempts to take out the 2 before the others come up the stairs. He throws that mage into the air and then attempts a death ray on the priestess but fails.
The rest of the party finally reaches the beholder. Most in for melee. There is no doubt someone will fall. Sure enough one of the eyes looks at Gurvinar. A green bolt comes out, the cleric disintegrates. The beholder decides to try and get away as it uses its eyes to defend itself. But it’s weak. The party finishes him off.

2nd of Wealsun, 586 CY

The Buffer Zone
One day east of the Welkwood Forest
High 80
Low 74
Heavy Rainstorm
4" rain
Lasts 1 hour
1/2 movement, 1/4 vision
22 mph winds

The priestess casts control weather. She is able to at least protect the group from the elements. As the party prepares to enter the borders of Fax. The ruined city of Fax is a broiling, boiling, oozing sore on the face of Flanaess and a pirates’ den, for slavers, raiders, and smugglers. The PC’s notice several silhouettes in the rain. “Drop your weapons and no one will be hurt. I will not ask again,” one of them yells out.

1st of Wealsun, 586 CY

The Buffer Zone
Just south of Safeton
High 82
Low 75
5" rain
Lasts 4 hours (starts around 10am)
23 mph winds
1/2 movement rate

28th of Flocktime, 586 CY

High 72
Low 65

Cloudy night/early morning
Outside the Temple of Pelor (52)
About 2am

Screaming can be heard outside your window. A woman’s screams can be heard. She and her family are being assaulted less than a hundred feet away.
Classic Safeton bandits. The PCs know if they get involved and if Turin Deathstalker’s men show up, whether right or wrong they will pay the price. The decide to intervene anyway.

They manage to protect the woman and her family. They quickly take care of several of the bandits. The others flee. “Back in the Temple as fast as you can,” says the priestess.


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