Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

14th of Good-Month, 586 CY
And a Trolling We Will Go

Davian Urthadar, Shavinski The Orc Slayer, Vician Fletcher, and Auron Blackmore, decide that maybe it’s time see if they can locate Jang.

A day earlier the ranger finds what seems to be splatters of blood. Halfling feet show what looks to be like a struggle. Larger, almost bear like feet, are all over the passageway.
They continued on for another day. The ranger is having trouble following the tracks.
A few hours later the cleric picks up on voices up ahead. It’s hard to make out what they’re saying. The party moves up another 100 years. Now a few of the adventurers pick up on the voices. A crude form of common is being spoke. “Eats one, why not?” says one of the voices. Another one answers, “don’t dare you. Pay us gold for em’”
The voices of children and adults can be heard muttering and crying.

The party moves up another 50 yard. A large opening can be seen 50 feet up ahead
It now becomes clear that whatever ahead is in the possession of slaves. almost 2 dozen of them hanging on to their lives, some already dead.
The first melee does not go well. 3 trolls being lead by a larger 2 head troll nearly take them out. The constant regenerating and strength of them being too much for the party to handle. The heroes barely retreat with their lives
The trolls dare them to come back. Killing several of the slaves to entice the party…
The party comes up with a plan to burn the trolls before being forced into melee.
They will get into close range and lob burning oil on to them. They have a total of 3 vials. Auron will stand back and shoot arrows.
Patience, Davian’s Flame sword, and the and possibly a little luck from the God Norebo, prove to win the day. In the process both the cleric and ranger lose their lives.

Auron and Shavinski free the slaves. Using their help to help carry the dead.

12th of Good-Month, 586 CY

The 10×10 corridor ends at a 30 foot drop off. In front of the party is a huge cavern some 50’ high and more than 50’ wide. Most of it is engulfed in a deep darkness.

The cleric creates stone steps. The rest of the party stays behind as the fighters investigate the floor. There’s a sticky substance all over the floor.
It’s a trap.Bolts head their way. An arrow on fire hits the floor. It ignites. Shavinski barely makes it back to the platform.

2 openings appear 40 feet above the floor. Each one contains drows with crossbows now shooting down at the party
One of the poisoned bolts hits the magic user. He is knocked out cold

Auron is also paralyzed as Jang attempts and fails.
The fight continues for more than a turn as the drow cleric tries to take Auron up a an opening. The cleric saves the day. Pelor is strong within him. He flies up to the drows and with the help of Boethian Volonwoods arrows and Shavinski The Orc Slayers bolts, he is able to take them out.

2 other drows clerics attempt to make their way up to the the unconscious mage and others. 1 of the helpers is killed. Vician Fletcher hurries back to help. Nitsum Semaj is nearly killed. Somehow, no one dies. The party decides to rest for a few days. Jang suggests going ahead alone for a couple of days. “Maybe I can find an easier way,” he says. “Give me 1/2 day.” Off he goes…

6th of Good-Month, 586 CY

9 days pass as the party carefully maneuvers its way further down the passage. It contnues as a 10×10 passage with the occasional small widening that provides no real relief. The mules are restless as day after day they are forced to travel in confined quarters one step at a time.

2 days before reaching a large cavern just straight ahead, the party begins to feel tremors. The ground and walls shaking, the fear of the roof collapsing becoming more and more possible.
The tremors turn into small quakes that rumble the ground directly beneath that caravan.
“Something is hunting us, " says the gnome. “It senses us”
They finally reach a cavern that opens up into a huge room. The room begins to shake so hard it knocks several of the adventurers off their feet. It takes everything for the henchmen to contain the mules from totally panicking. The ground, just 10-20 feet in front of the party, begins to part. A huge crevasse opens up, the body of a huge purple worm, some 50 feet big, erupts from the ground. It is able to swallow one of the PC’s whole, its tail attempts top to kill Shavinski. Thanks to one of the fighters, Auron, the worm is quickly cut down before anyone is killed. Everyone is safe

25th of Reaping, 586 CY

3 days of travelling downwards in a single file corridor
The journey is a slow one. Step by step.

The party finally reaches an opening. Some sort of cave to the right, the 10×10 corridor continuing ahead. .

The strongest of the part decides to investigate the cave. It slopes down before leveling off. A voice, in the common tongue, says out loud, “Dare not enter…”
The priest of Pelor, Vician Fletcher, leads the party. The stench of rotting flesh begins to burn your nostrils, a feeling of nausea takes over

A mixture of undead, ghasts and ghouls, are ahead. Water falls into the northern part of the cave creating a small pool. To the west of the poor there is a pile of silver and gold coins, 2 chests right behind it.
Vician takes out his holy symbol, the bright sun shines on the undead. Almost all are instantly destroyed. He takes out his mace and moves up to fight melee. Shavinski hurries up and joins him
What looks to be a lich appears. He releases a fireball that nearly kills a few of the heroes.
The lich then appears behind the mage, Nitsum Semaj. He looks directly at him, reaches out and simply touches him. The mage resists and moves away.
Before the lich is destroyed it kills the ranger, Davian Urthadar, with a death spell. The paladin, Lady Krisnda, nearly falls
The cleric uses a scroll with a resurrection spell on it to bring back the ranger. He and the rest of the party will need rest. They opt to stay here for a couple of days.

Jang Milos, the thief, checks out the chest to the right. Carefully touching, feeling, sensing, for a trap, he decides there isn’t one. As he tries to unlock it a small needle comes out, nearly killing him. Inside there are 2 potions and a strange looking globe that fits in your hand. It’s clear enough to see a clear fluid inside that emits a vapor of some kind. There are also 2 identical rings.

The other, which Milos is able to successfully open, contains what looks like a scarab. The paladin detects a strong evil coming off it it and the 2 rings. She advises leaving both behind. “These things are conduits of evil,” she says

The mage and cleric examine the remains of the lich. What looked to once be royalty, dressed in tattered but rich clothing and much of its flesh rotting away.

22th of Reaping, 586 CY

Lortmils Mountains
High 81
Low 70
Cloudy overcast, but dry day

Back at the entrances to the underworld
Current party:
Xavril Hollysharp (NPC gnome that helps the party find their way)
Auron Blackmore
Boethian Volonwood
Davian Urthadar
Jang Milos
Vician Fletcher
Lady Krisnda
Nitsum Semaj
4 mules and 6 henchmen
The party prepares to travel for at least 2 months. All the basics are packed on the mules.

They begin their journey in a 10×10 tunnel that goes downwards into the mountain

18th of Reaping, 586 CY

Back at camp 2 days after the assault on the drow.
High: 81
Low 67
Another wet day. Soggy and muddy.

High level captains immediately recognize the name Vazirian the Hierarch
One of their spies in Molag has learned that a powerful Hierarch of the Horned Society, a renegade Shield Lander, is helping assemble a legion of dark elves.
Most scholars believe the Hierarchs of the Horned Society were opportunistic bandits who took over Molag and its surrounding territories after the imprisonment of Iuz in 505 CY, only to be driven out in 583 after the Old One had sufficiently rebuilt his strength.
“He is accompanied by his mistress, a powerful mage called Tondaleyo. They are both in the service of Iuz. The other priest must be an acolyte of Vazarian,” says one of the dwarf captains. “It looks like Iuz has extended his influence to the far south.”
A closed tent meeting is held with the heroes. “You must go back into the mountain and find them. They must be stopped at all costs,” says the captain. “You cannot fail”
You will be provided with rations, water, mules, any basic item you need.
Travelling deep within the mountain will be treacherous. We will be using the dungeoneers survivors guide.

Later that evening
For the 1st time in days there is a calm feeling around the camp. Dwarves by the hundreds, clans from all over Greyhawk, are telling stories, sharing their experiences, about what they’ve encountered in the underworld.
A dwarf captain takes a sizeable drink from his cup, “I once saw a couple of me mates swallowed alive by a worm. There must have been 20 of us trying to take it down. By the time we finished cutting into its belly they were already dead. The acids in its stomach ate em alive before we could get to them. The stinger on its tail can cause instant death. One of me men never saw it coming.”
Another dwarf from the heavy infantry, a survivor of many skirmishes against the orcs, comments, “those bastards and the giant slugs. Run if you can!”
The group of dwarves break out in this nervous laughter then pause…
“Yeah, just fucking run if you can,” says the captain," the drinking continues

15th of Reaping, 586 CY

Lortmils Mountains
High 82
Low 64
On and off sprinkles all day
The PC’s are asked to investigate the strange going on’s of one of the mines belonging to The Principality of Ulek.
Recently miner gnomes started excavating a new level some 200 feet below the surface.Their excavations broke into some natural caverns. This is when the attacks in total darkness and silence began. Most have disappeared or are feared dead.
A small army of 50 Dwarf fighters escorts the party to the foot of the mountain.Several miles up there are 4 trails that lead to 4 entrances to the mine.

Party for this adventure:
Auron Blackmore
Jang Milos
Lady Krisnda
Shavinski The Orc Slayer
Davian Urthadar
Mage (Name and NPC build on its way)
Cleric of Pelor (Name and NPC build on its way)

The party travels several miles. Finally reaching an area that splits off leading to four separate entrances. They decide to enter from the west.
They quickly discover the entire tunnel is filled with a magical darkness that cannot even seen through by the elf or dwarf. Not a creek or sound can be heard.
The uses several of his spells to dispel the magic. They discover several dark elves by an entrance partially covered with large rocks. They are more than 120’ away. They quickly kill one of the drow. 2 get away.
The cleric performs speak with dead on the dead drow.
They find out the leader is a human priest in the service of Iuz. He is accompanied by a high level acolyte and a female mage, also in the service of Iuz.

They decide to investigate the entrance blocked by the large rubble. From what they can see the entrance is also pitch black. Probably more drow magic.
A cleric can be heard. He is speaking in the drow language. The rocks begin to come alive. Drow fighters appear from between the rocks.
The melee with the earth elementals and drow continues for many rounds.
A poisoned dart knocks out the paladin. A hold spell contains Savinski. One of the helpers is killed. But more importantly, the cleric of Pelor is killed. A silence spell put on him and then an earth elemental bashes him into pulp.
The drow pass through what’s left of the rubble. The come across another small army of drow. Quick thinking by the party, and a near backstab by Jang, are enough to break the morale of the drow. They are quickly taken out.
Milos checks the only door. He cannot find any traps. The door is locked. For some crazy reason Shavinski decides to rush the door. As soon as he touches the door he drops to the floor. Near dead. The door is forced open. Behind the door are 2 clerics and a magic user. The magic user is preparing a fireball. Auron is able to shut the door. The PCs quickly leave…

12th of Reaping, 586 CY

10 miles west of The Jewel
High 85
Low 60
Sprinkles on and off throughout the entire day. Makes for a blood soaking terrain.

Halfling scouts confirm the orc and goblin armies are just miles ahead. No doubt the humanoid filth already know the same.

The armies are now just 1/2 mile from each other.

Captain Renulf, leader of the Prinzfeld forces Ulek, orders the cavalry to begin its 1st tactical move
The goblinoid army cautiously moves up. They prepare their crossbows and short bows
After a stalmate of barely moving or no one moving closer for nearly a turn, the orcs can’t take it anymore and charge. They misjudge the distance and are caught in the middle of a flurry of arrows. Only their leader, Horaz, is left. He sustains a round of damage then takes out a potion of gaseous form. He is gone…
The shock of an entire orc cavalry getting killed within one round sends chills throughout what’s left of the humanoid army.
Suddenly the goblin army charges. They to fall short
The humanoids are now outnumbered while the army of Ulek has barely lost any of its soldiers. What’s left of the orc and goblin army is forced to move forward. The orc and goblin leaders put enough distance between them to prepare their retreat
3 assassins make their move on Arnulth, Royal Herald of Ulek. Today the Gods must be watching. Their backstabs all fail. 1 is killed and 2 others are captured.

The fight is over. Barely a scratch. The army of Ulek proudly march back to camp. Spirits and morale are high.

Captain Renulf, leader of the Prinzfeld forces Ulek, gives a small speech, “look at what we did today. The Pomarj will soon receive news that we are coming. We fight for the prince, we will win for Ulek. We will not be stopped.” Cheers from nearly 2000 soldiers erupt. “Let them hear us all the way to the land of the orcs. Soon I will have your head Turrosh Mak. Your end is near!!”

11th of Reaping, 586 CY


High 85
Low 65

The threat of a downpour continues to loom.

The party decides to stay put as another band of heroes decides to investigate the near Lortmil Mountains

10th of Reaping, 586 CY


High 87
Low 63

Early morning. Another cloudy day that covers The Lortmill Mountains in heavy mist. Once again the threat of a downpour looms.

The PCs are called into an elaborate tent set up for the commanders those that work directly with The Prince. You are told gnome miners are being driven insane in the mountains by a source of powerful evil magic. The location is right behind Havenhill. “2 hours climb,” says Arnulth, Royal Herald of Ulek. The Herald is a tough looking man. One that has seen war for many years. Like Gustav did, he looks much older than he really is. The blood permanently caked beneath his finger nails and the scars all over his hands. He continues, “The Prince asks that you go see what the problem is. He will consider it a personal favor to him and The Principality. We need the gnomes to excavate for silver and other metals to forge weapons. There are rumors of great buried treasure in those mountains. Keep whatever you find.”


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