Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

24th of Harvester, 586 CY

Shavinski and the others have been been attempting to rest for almost 2 days. As they debate about whether or not to take on the vampire, Nitram Semaj and what’s left of his group show up. After more than a month at least part of the mages’ search comes to an end.

23rd of Harvester, 586 CY

Late into the evening the adventurers quietly debate whether or not to enter the tomb of the vampire. There is no doubt the paladin of Pelor, Lady Krisnda and the cleric of St. Cuthbert, Richard God Hammer, are going back in. "This type of evil cannot be allowed to exist, "says Lady Krisnda. "I will join you says the ranger of the Gnarley Forest, Davian Urthadar

The on and off attempt to rest is nearly impossible as the wailing of the undead fill the halls. The cleric recognizes the cries of one of them. He sighs, “a ghost…”

22nd of Harvester, 586 CY

The party, lead by Shavinski The Orc Slayer, finally solve the mystery of the bugbears. There they are all dead in front of the adventurers. The look of horror and choking and their faces. “No doubt poison of some kind,” says the cleric of St. Cuthbert , Richard God Hammer.

The bugbears line the corridor which ends right in front of them. A dead end
the thief for hire, Furfaate, finds an inconsistency on the ceiling. Further investigation reveals a trap door.
He decides to take a look. He finds a set of crudely dug stairs that lead to a double door made of old wood and stone
The rest of the party joins him
Furfaate checks for traps and finds one. He disables a poison spear trap that would have shot right into his chest. The door is not locked
The door leads into a huge room with many coffins. The smell of rotting death permeates the air. “Undead,,” says Auron Blackmore.
The party slowly filters into the room. Immediately the coffins begin to slide open and release wights
The priest of St. Cuthbert is able to turn all of the wights. But not before several of the party members are drained of their energy levels. 1st the thief for hire and then the ranger each lose 2 levels.
The wights enter the rooms to the left and right. Up the stairs to the left and right, out of sight of the cleric
the thief, not happy at all at losing the experience he word so hard to earn, leads the way. He finds a hallway lined with pillars. Another door at the end, The thief finds a pit trap right before the door. The door is trapped with another poisoned spear. The thief takes care of the trap. The cleric cracks the door open.
Moments later a vampire appears. He attempts to charm the cleric but fails. The cleric shuts the door…
The party decides to enter the room. Auron tells everyone to avert their eyes. “If we gaze at it it will attempt to take over our minds”
There it is floating, taunting the adventurers. “Come in,” he says.
For several rounds it tries to get the players to enter deeper into the room. “Don’t be afraid paladin of Pelor. It’s a good day to die”
The party quickly leaves the room. “We must regroup,” says Shavinski

21st of Harvester, 586 CY

After more a week the cavern widens. The cavern, now 20’ wide, makes it a little easier to travel
The party, lead by Shavinski The Orc Slayer, come across another pair of wandering rust monsters

This time they handle them with no issue. Even the kid, Fershaw, lending a hand

13th of Harvester, 586 CY

A day earlier, after reaching the huge cavern where the troll encounter happened more than a month ago, the party, lead by Shavinski The Orc Slayer, decides to head east. The ranger, Davian Urthadar, is able to track more bugbear tracks.
Later in the day the party is attacked by what are 2 wandering rust monsters. The paladin, Lady Krisnda, her armor and sword are attacked. A hit crumbles them onto the floor into a heap of rust.


10 miles west of The Jewel River
The day is clear with highs in the low 80’s and a nice cool evening in the mid 60’s.
Dusk settles over the open plains. A small hill to the south goes on for more and a 1/4 of a mile

Arnulth, Royal Herald of Ulek and his army of dwarfs, humans, and elves, are less than 1/2 an hour away from the battle. He and one of his most trusted of companions, Kevmorn Ironhouse. Kevmorn, a dwarf from the Lortmils Mountains, has fought bravely for Prince Olinstaad Corond of Gryrax for many decades. He was there during The Hateful Wars, and is here now to once again serve his king. He knew Gustav and was devastated when he heard of his death. “Every orc I can kill will serve as revenge for each of my brothers and sisters that have fallen,” he says. “There have been many…”

Scouts report that the orc and goblin army are waiting straight ahead. They are being lead by an orc called Thragguk of the Salburner orcs, and a Goblin leader called Xeromn Bigtooth of the Hill Beater goblins. They are mocking Ulek by sacrificing a female slave. She can be heard screaming and pleading for her life as Thragguk, their leader, allows his orcs to rape her and then cook her alive. “Come enjoy a taste,” he screams out.

Scouts again report back to Arnulth, Royal Herald of Ulek. “The goblin army is taking over the hill. There are hundreds of them with spears and short bows,” says one of the halflings.

10th of Harvester, 586 CY
The Battle for the Jewel River Begins

10 miles west of The Jewel River
High 82
Low 68
Nice clear later summer/pre-fall day.

The party is deep within the Lortmil Mountains. What started off as an expedition to hunt down a few villians, has now turned into many months of being stuck miles under the mountain.

The Principlaity of Ulek continues to push forward. Arnulth, Royal Herald of Ulek, proclaims that the King will send his best soldiers to take on an army of orcs 10 miles west of the The Jewel River. “We hope our friends are alive and will soon return to the battlefield,” he says.

He puts together an army of around 1400 and begins the march east. “In just 3 days we will paint the ground red with their blood and be one step closer to killing that piece of garbage, Turrosh Mak.” Halfling scouts are a day ahead.

7th of Harvester, 586 CY

6 dead. But at least the more than a dozen drow and their leader are dead


6th of Harvester, 586 CY

Nitram Semaj, hires a group of hirelings to head into the catacombs. The search for Slade Vileblood and the current party begins


5th of Harvester, 586 CY
Back into the Underworld We Go

Back at the entrance of the Lortmils Mountains
High 77
Low 54
A clear crisp day

The party has changed a bit but many of the old faces still remain:
Shavinski The Orc Slayer: a dwarf fighter with a taste for orc blood
Auron Blackmore: a pure human fighter
Fershaw: a young 10 year old boy fighter in the service or Auron
Davian Urthadar: a human gnarley ranger that has been with the party for some time now.
Lady Krisnda: a female paladin of Heironeus
Victor Taneth: a human mage looking for artifacts
Furfaate: a rogue for hire
Richard God Hammer: priest of St. Cuthbert

This time they are lucky. It takes them 15 days to travel deep into the catacombs where they encountered the trolls. They decide to check out the bugbear tracks that head west

28th of Goodmonth, 586 CY
Back at the Camp

The party is forced to head back to the surface. Heavy casualties and a now missing Jack Milos giving them little choice.
This time they travel for 2 weeks with no incident. Reaching the entrance to the mountain exhausted and beaten. They reach the camp 2 days later.

High: In the 80’s
Low: Low 60’s
Overall clear skies with a heavy rainstorm the day they reach camp that lasts nearly 1/2 the morning.

The resurrections of the cleric and ranger are successful. Both feeling a bit weaker, but nonetheless happy to be alive again,


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