Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

17th of Planting, 586 CY

High 62
Low 41
After a huge thunderstorm just the day before, the skies are cloudy but no rain falls.

16th of Planting, 586 CY

High 65
Low 43
A thunderstorm begins around mid afternoon and lasts 3 hours with winds and rain that pound the Oerth with more than 1/2 a foot of rain.

15th of Planting, 586 CY

High 60
Low 41
A rainstorm begins in the morning and lasts most of the day.

14th of Planting, 586 CY

High 57
Low 42

A partly cloudy day

Fallowfield, 10 miles north of Elredd
This land was once open cropland owned by a wealthy farmer in a nearby village. One year, when not enough sharecroppers were available to work all of his property, the farmer chose to let this field lie fallow. Then a second year passed as well, and in that year a plague struck the village. Many people, including the wealthy farmer, died. The survivors burned the bodies and their homes, unsure of the cause of the disease but looking to escape its deadly grasp, and rebuilt their community on this “fallow field,” since the previous owner wasn’t around to object. The village recovered from the plague only to fall prey to the orcish hordes years later, just as its neighbors did. The town was sacked, loot­ed, and left empty.

Can We Get a Little Help From Our Friends?
The night was long and the Woolly Bay wet. The PCs are tired, hungry, freezing, but have luckily been free of any encounters.

They arrive late that night. Even though the village was less than a 1/2 a days travel, moving slowly and making sure they were not seen slowed down the PCs to a crawl.

All night Dragonnels searched the coast. Luckily they only travel a few miles north, south, east and west, of Elredd.
Reaver figures the orcs will get them. It will only be a matter of time.

When the characters 1st enter the village, all the buildings are boarded up and seem empty. Many of the buildings have been scorched and burned to the ground. It is obvious whomever didnt die by the plague, died by the hands of orcs or fled. Maybe Boethian Volonwood, Jack Cronus and Shavinski The Orc Slayer, can finally rest for a moment or 2.

After a turn or 2 of investigating the village, a gnome appears on one of the roofs. He insists the party lay down their arms and lay face down on the ground. 2 female human archers appear. One of the PCs does not follow directions and is shot with an arrow. Better do as your told!
Once you surrender, a female wearing chain mail, and a shield with the sign of Kelanen, Prince of Swords, introduces herself as Fina Fen Kela. A male halfling, wearing nothing more than black clothing, follows close behind. He introduces himself as Jang Milos. “If ya ever need a good thief…” he mentions.

The gnome, Atanasoff, a priest of Murlynd, speaks with Fina before casting a spell, most likely a spell of detect alignment, on the PCs.

The 2 arches are Elohi & Tannya, female humans, Aleq, Burrama, Raffey, and Tobal, male human fighters recruited from Sterich, and Hafenree, a beautiful female elf, wearing studded leather and has a clear spingle circling directly above her head at all times. Hafenree immediately takes to Boethian Volonwood. She to is a ranger, but is from the the Adri Forest to the far east near what was once the Great Kingdom.

Fina Fen Kela explains to the PCs:
The city of Elredd was one of the few towns in the Flanaess that hosted a permanent temple to the hero-deity Kelanen. The destruction of the temple attracted Kelanen’s attention and his ire, and so he has given me the task of rebuilding the temple."

The gnome, Atanasoff, continues, “this will require the eventual elimination of humanoids from Elredd, of course”

Fina Fen tells the PCs they are welcomed to stay in Fallowfield for the night and her party will do their best to keep them safe. But she warns the PCs, “2 of our own are currently scouting up to a days away travel to the north. We believe that soon a large group or orcs, aided with ogres, will soon be here. We suggest you arm yourselfs and prepare to do your parts”

More than a 20 hours go by as the priests attempt to rest and heal those that need healing and everyone attempts to rest as all of you prepare for battle.

Hangrim & Holfyar, male dwarf brothers from the Kron Hills, enter the camp. “They are less than an hour away” says Hangrim. His brother, Holfyar, in a frightened tone of disbelief says, “and unless our eyes are being fooled by the arcane, they are travelling with a fire giant”

Within the hour more than 2 dozen orcs, lead by a 1/2 orc, enter the village and begin burning down anything that is standing.
2 ogres wait at the perimeter of the village before rushing in to attack
The dwarves were correct, here comes the fire giant.
Fire giant 1

Fina Fen Kela gives the order to attack.
Fina and Shavinski The Orc Slayer are killed by the fire giant. The bloody fight lasts nearly a turn before the humanoids and giant are dead. Several of the orcs flee.

Several items of value are found in the giants purse, including a ring. The mage, Jack Cronus, identifys that it is a wish ring that contains 1 last wish.

After a long debate over who to bring back to life, the adventurers bring back Shavinski.

The decision has been made to travel back to Elredd and take out Davis.

“I wont let the misses fall for no reason. Ear me lads?! says the halfling. Jang decides it is time for an ale, another to add to his already many today. “The adventuring thing is hard work” he says. “So why deny a obbit a little something to elp?”

The gnome, Atanasoff, priest of Murlynd, prepares the body of his leader, Fina. “Look at what they have done to you. We will have you back in no time” he says to Fina.

13th of Planting, 586 CY

High 59
Low 40

A partly cloudy day
The Woolly Bay has frozen Boethian Volonwood and Shavinski The Orc Slayer to the bone. They are wet, tired and hungry, but their 1st instinct is to continue to head north up The Wild Coast. They are only several miles up the coast from Elredd. How long will it be before humanoids, bandits, or some other kind of horror, finds them? They must make it to the Suss Forest more than 60 miles to the west. It will take them more than 2 days to reach the great forest. And they hope they are not spotted.

After a few more hours of travelling up the coast, they spot a human figure. He is alone. He to appears to be on the run. The elf and dwarf will have to take their chances and hope he will be someone they can trust.

The man introduces himself as Jack Cronus. His party wiped out by a huge clan of orcs several days ago. He to looks tired, hungry, desparate to find safety. He decides to join Boethian and Shavinkski as they all 3 head to the forest.

The mage knows that just a few more miles up the coast is the ruined village of Fallowfield where they can hopefully get some rest, help, and the needed provisions needed to survive. But, heading to the village will be dangerous since it has most likely been overrun by orcs and worse.

12th of Planting, 586 CY

High 66
Low 44

A partly cloudy day

After nearly 2 weeks on the Longspan, lead by Captain Mar Kell, Boethian Volonwood and Shavinski The Orc Slayer arrive at The Port Of Elredd

Elredd lies in ruin. Its great wall and fortified towers have been abused, many sections collapsed by damage suffered from ore war machines. Several humanoid tribes goblins, kobolds, orcs, and gnolls-have claimed those buildings that somehow survived the rav­ ages of war. Work has begun on the excavation of tunnels and subter­ranean lairs in the hills on which the ruins stand. The former citizens of Elredd who survived the invasion and were captured now serve their conquerors as slaves. They live in primitive shelters, shackled together, and are used to grow crops, tend the small herds that roam the fertile hills, and aid in the excavation and rebuilding of the city. They must survive on poor bread, slop, vermin, grains they scrounge from the ani­ mal fodder, and spring water found in the hills.

The humanoids care little if the slaves live or die. Being true carni­vores, these taskmasters are happy to feast on dead slaves. Fear of this fate drives slaves to cling tenaciously to life despite the odds being stacked against them.
Though life is cruel for human slaves, it isn’t entirely pleasant for the humanoids either, even by their skewed standards

Elredd players map
The slave cog is docked at P4 on the map.
Davis the Reaver, Piera, Child of the Dragon, and Rurik the Taskmaster, are there to meet Eanwulf.

Davis walks up to Eanwulf, looks over at Boethian Volonwood and Shavinski The Orc Slayer, he then turns to Eanwulf; “so this is them? so much trouble by an elf and dwarf? And the one we are looking for, a thief called Rufio?”
Eanwulf is forced to admit that the great thief has not been caught, yet.

Piera gives the order for the slaves to be taken to Davis’s Compound.
“Take the children to the Children’s Barracks. Soon the Earth Dragon will embrace them” she says
“The dwarf and elf can spend a few nights at The Posts of Penance” says Davis
The rest of the slaves will be taken to the Slaves Barracks in the compound and closely watched by dozen of guardsmen from the Guardsmen’s Barracks

Walking down Warehouse Row and then down Division Street can be a tough march for any soul. You are forced to walk through most of the city as Davis The Reaper proudly shows his catch off to everyone. There are taunts, small rocks are thrown, your spit on, garbage is thrown at you, etc…

Main Street is the only road in town lined with street lamps; these illuminate the place at night, ensuring that everyone knows where to find the action. The businesses here continue to thrive, especially with the influx of slaves to work for free.

Moments later you find yourselfs entering Davis’s Compound. A double gate pierces the wall at the entrance, flanked by two towers. The gate is reinforced with iron bands and is quite sturdy.

The children are taken to a large building which houses the children of Piera’s slave army.
The majority are taken to the slaves barracks for sorting.

Boethian Volonwood and Shavinski The Orc Slayer are confronted by Rurik the Taskmaster. "You will spend the next 3 days at the The Posts of Penance. Several guards tie you to thick posts deep in the ground. The posts are guarded by two guards in a tower just 15-20 feet away.

The rest of the day is long. Davis speaks with the guards and insists if anything happens to the dwarf and elf their heads will roll. They assure him no such thing will take place.

After almost an entire day at the posts, and all day trying to break free of their restraints, the dwarf finally breaks free, quickly frees the elf and they run towards the tower. They have seconds to escape or surely face a horrible death. Once up the tower, rather than fight, they leap over the wall 20 feet to the ground. Both take hard falls but adrenaline and the will to live kicks in. They head for the docks and hope to hide out for as long as they can.
Dragonels can be seen overhead. Davis has dispatched his armies and they are all over the city.

The PCs reach Fishermans Nook and attempt to steal a small boat. A dragonell spots the boat and attempts to sink it by dropping huge rocks. The PCs jump overboard and barely make it back to the fishing docks. The elf and dwarf decide to hide under the docks where they can see the Drgonel and guards searching the area. Even Davis comes is heard not far away proclaiming that there is nowhere to run and sooner or later he and his men will find the PCs.

Several hours slowly go by as the PCs make their way north up the shallow shores of Woolly Bay.
It is very late now and the exhaustion from the hiding, the escape via the shoreline, and cold of the water, is making it more and more difficult to continue. But the PCs realize getting caught cannot be an option.

11th of Planting, 586 CY

High 65
Low 40

A partly cloudy day

10th of Planting, 586 CY

High 62
Low 44

A party cloudy day

9th of Planting, 586 CY

High 64
Low 42

A cloudy but beautiful day


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