Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

26th of Fireseek, 586 CY

The Free City of Greyhawk
High: 41
Low: 25
Heavy fog

The Golden Phoenix
The events of the last several days are the topics of conversation while the party is enjoying another fine meal at the The Celene Feast Hall.

An hour later 8 heavily armed (all in full plate, long sword, shield with emblem of Greyhawk, red robes) men enter and are seen speaking to the manager Fund Barq. They are clearly looking for someone.

At 1st they pass the partys table. Barely noticing any of the PCs. A few minutes later one of the guards, what looks to the leader of the bunch, steps foward while the rest of the guards surround the PCs: “I am Sergeant Xanian Swordhand of the Greyhawk City Watch here in The Garden Quarter. I ask that all of your come peacefully and surrender!”

Lord Xanian explains the charges to the PCs:
Chalice 1
Clerics from The Temple of Pholtus claim a jewel studded chalice was stolen and they believe one of the PCs has it hidden in his room.
A quick look by the soldiers and they easily find the item hidden in Stevens room.
Steven is arrested and taken to the watchstation in the Garden Quarter.

He is questioned for several hours
The local guardstation captain insists Steven pay an additional 500gp for “other” laws broken, one of them being the resisting arrest by Theras Thoess of Clan Meldarin. These days this is an all to common sight with the local guardsmen and constables.

After about three hours, Pholemius Brightmantle, a high level cleric of Pholtus, and his acolyte; Beramane, are allowed to enter the cell holding Steven.
Pholemius casts detect lie and is easily able to verify Steven is in fact telling the truth.
The acolyte, Beramane, says: “The Father feels there is more to this story than meets the eye. He feels you and he are somehow being united by Pholtus for some reason he does not understand yet”
He asks for the party to meet them at the Temple of Pholtus in the River Quarter.

Pholemius Brightmantle

Once the PCs reach the Temple of Pholtus, Beramane explains: “The High Father has been called upon to give Final Absolution through wine and food given to the dying in his presence. He “eats” their sins and allows their spirits to ascend into the “blinding light”

“He needs PCs to be bodyguards to somewhere in the Gnarley Forest”
-needs to give final absolution to a Templar of the Church Militant from the Pale
-doesn’t know exactly where
-believes Pholtus will guide him
-all travel expenses will be paid for by Pholemius
-Pholemius will make all PCs swear an oath to the Temple of Pholtus that PCs will not harm him in anyway

Beramane: “The church can offer each of you $500 gp upfront, 10gp ea per day plus 500gp when the destination is reached”

He then asks the PCs to meet with him at the Temple of Pholtus in 3 days.
-Wants to travel to Two Ford by barge, then cross the Selintan and strike west into the forest

24th of Fireseek, 586 CY

The Free City of Greyhawk
High: 45
Low: 15
A beautiful clear day

Rumors begin to circulate throughout the city that Warnes Starcoat is travelling to Rel Astra to recover the Crook of Rao and plans on returning it to Canon Hazen of Veluna.

While the party is in view of a group of 12 Greyhawk guardsmen, suddenly one of their crossbows discharges and fires at one of the PCs. The bolt nearly misses Theras Thoess of Clan Meldarin. All of the guards seem shocked, especially the one that was holding the crossbow. He is horrified and extremely upset. “Im sorry. It wasnt supposed to do that! I was only fixing the sights. I even had the safety on.” It is fairly obvious that the guard is telling the truth.

One of the individuals in the crowd seems familiar to Maskus Ironlock.. He recognizes his face and is sure he’s seen him around when some of these strange things happened

22nd of Fireseek, 586 CY

The Free City of Greyhawk
High: 41
Low: 13
Cold overcast day

Several weeks ago , before leaving The Free City of Greyhawk and heading home, both Rufio and Ri-yun were invited to stay at the Star of Celene Inn by its owner, 1/2 elf Finnobhar Aodhin. He explainsed that his inn features four apartments that are not for rent; instead, they are given gratis to official visitors from Celene or other elven realms.

During their stay they meet an elf by the name of Melf. He is 5’ 8”, 147 Ibs and appears to be in his late 20’s. He claims to be the main representative and secret member of the Knights of Luna: “A grouping of elves within Celene’s own lands has coalesced to oppose Yolande.”

“The Knights of Luna favor the active support of their brethren in Veluna and the Duchy of Ulek, and even support alliance with the dwarves of the Ulek states.”

Just days later, while returning home, they found their things packed and their apartment occupied by other visitors. Finnobhar explains “an important official” suddenly needed it and there is nothing more he can do.

No matter how much he is pressed he will refuse to cooperate. “There is nothing more I can do.” Im sure there is another place that will be happy to have you as their guests."
Melf asks the PCs to move on. “Something else is happening here. I will try and press Finnobhar for more information. Be careful my friends. I believe your very life’s are in danger”

At the next several inns both Ri-yun and Rufio are denied rooms by either being told the inn has no vacancy or the rent is 10-20 times what it should be. The innkeepers seem nervous and if pressed threaten to call the guard.

19th of Fireseek, 586 CY

Free City of Greyhawk
High: 41
Low: 27
An overcast day with a light fog covers the city.

At random times over the course of the next few days each of the PCs, together and alone, experience some very strange occurrences.

While hanging out in an inn or someplace similiar, a lose brick falls from the wall and nearly misses hitting Bornthien

While walking down the street a flowerpot falls from a ledge and does in fact hit Gustav squarely on the head.

A side of beef suddenly breaks from its rope and swings in the direction of Ashult its 200 lbs nearly crushing him

Similiar things seem to happen over and over again

What seems the most odd is the fact that most of these things are happening to Bornthien, and Gustav

16th of Fireseek, 586 CY

The Free City of Greyhawk
Near High Quarter
High: 42
Low: 15
Cold clear day
While the party is minding their own business and simply strolling down the street, a merchant begins screaming in the PCs direction. He screams loud enough for anyone passing by to be able to hear: “You! Stop! Where is my 100 gp ya owe me!!”

As soon as he is confronted he easily realizes he was wrong and apologizes.
A little pressure by the party forces him to admit he was paid 5 gp by someone he’s never seen before to simply be part of a practical joke.

Any further pressure from any of the PCs is threatened by a calling of the guard.
There doesnt seem to be any reason to think he is lying

15th of Fireseek, 586 CY

The Free City of Greyhawk
High: 43
Low: 14
A heavy sleetstorm takes over late at night for about 1/2 an hour. The entire Free City of Greyhawk is covered with a wet snow that will soon turn to ice.

For the last couple of months the party has enjoyed a well deserved rest and, recently joined by their new members, Ashult, Steven Grayson, Maskus Ironlock., Theras Thoess of Clan Meldarin, and Baroque, they feel like they are almost ready to begin the long journey to Veluna.

Thanks to both Gustav and Bornthien, the party is currently enjoying The Grand Supper in The Celene Feast Hall at The Golden Phoenix.

The Dead are remembered in song.
Half elf bard
A 1/2 elf bard has put together several poems about all of the fallen ones and ends dramatically with the tale of the demon that was slayed in The Mistmarsh just a few months ago. He ends with his sword raised high in the air: “we have our heroes, we have our names in history, they will live on forever!”

For a moment there is an uncomfortable silence. A few seconds later cups are raised; “to the fallen ones”

Several hours later and now full of Rabbit Velunaise and Almorian stuffed stirge, presented with the bill, this is no cheap feast at 50 gold each, Steven and Bornthien realize what was once a small purse of gold, is now nothing more more than the remains of a rat.

4th of Fireseek, 586, CY
Greyhawk Campaign Part 2

4th of Fireseek, 586, CY (Godsday)
A few weeks ago Bobs remains were returned to his clan in The Cairn Hills.
Horris The Wild Mage, also dead, was returned along with the Tomb of the Planes to The Wizards Guildhall.

After a long and overdue rest and some training by the remaining party; Bornthien, Ri-yun, Gustav, Rufio, the celebration of Needfest, passed just 11 days ago and lasted a full 7 cold days before beginning the start of the new year, 586 CY.

Riyun and Rufio announce they are leaving the party and are heading home to prepare for the assault on Iuz to the north.

A few weeks ago Gustav, while seeking news of Ulek from the sailors near the River Quarter, met Sir Steven Grayson at the Whistling Fish . Talk about the orcs in The Pomarj being the topic while enjoying some of Gruenab’s fine food.

Gustav has learned from his frequent visits to the Gold Digger Tavern, that there is news from the Principality of Ulek of a possible movement to have Greyhawk and Ulek combine forces to strike at the Orcish Empire of The Pomarj

1st of Sunsebb, 585 CY

1st of Sunsebb, 585 CY
The Free City of Greyhawk
Very early morning, very cold
Light snow flurries fall on and off all day
Highway Gate
City walls
What’s left of the party reaches the main entrance to the Free City of Greyhawk, the magnificent gate through which most pass. Huge caravans from across the central and western Flanaess enter here.

There are three guard patrols on duty . You can see about 25 guards total, all wearing chain mail and armed with longswords. About half of them carry ranseurs, the rest have light crossbows. In addition to the guards, there are 8 ‘special representatives’ of the Greyhawk City Watch. They are very meticulous in their searches for smuggled goods, and other contraband, and they keep strict records of those who pass.

“Good mornin traveller, what business have you in Greyhawk City? Are you carrying any restricted items today? You can take the dead to The Temple of Pelor and then what looks like a well deserved rest and bath at The Golden Phoenix in the Garden Quarter. Oh, and I trust you’ll submit to our search of your goods…”

The Temple of Pelor
the Golden Phoenix


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