Yacob Hywel


Yacob Hywel and his partner Ioannes Pherein had an able crew and were even beginging to break even in the coming year, and had a new venture that had the potential to be very promising in Hardby.

Unfortunately, on this last sojourn the ship suffered a terrible storm, which caused the modest vessel to run aground near the waters of the Wild Coast. Ioannes later awoke on shore amidst the shattered remains of his livelyhood. Sadly, his friend and business partner was nowhere to be found among the survivors on the shore.

After gathering themselves up from the wreckage, he and his surviving crew soon found themselves surrounded by orcish natives. Outnumbered and disoriented from the shipwreck, they found themselves captured and enslaved. They were then forced to fight against other slaves and beasts for the amusement of others.


Yacob Hywel

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