Thordar Glorygem

Thordar, Dwarf fighter from Greysmere


Thordar is just 65 years young. Most other dwarfs consider him to be just a young pup.

Thordar is a specialist with a war hammer. As a pup His father taught him well. He warned him that getting caught by the orcs would be worse than death. Thordar should have listened to his fathers warnings.


Originally from Greysmere, he decided to leave his home after his father was killed during the Greyhawk Wars. His father, Panrry Glorygem, was recently killed during the Great Northern Crusade.

Thordar was caught on the 5th of Planting, 585 CY, while attempting to help fight off a band of orcs just north of Safeton. He does not know how much longer he can survive as a slave and is now on his way to the Drachensgrab Hills in the The Pomarj.

Thordar Glorygem

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