A 10 year old girl that recently lost her family to the orcs


At just 10 years old, Michelle has seen more horror than most could tolerate. She, her sister, and mother were off for a walk in the Gnarley not far from their home in Tricaster, when suddenly a band of orcs being lead by a 1/2 orc captured them along with a human and 1/2 elf.

Since then, she watched her sister get killed and her her mother get cooked alive. She and the 2 men were freed by the same party she now has decided to take up arms with. She then watched these same men get killed or taken by slavers. She and Rick Mataph escaped and tried to have Baroque resurrected. He did not survive. She and the mage went their separate ways.



Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan