Davian Urthadar

Gnarley Forest Ranger From Corustaith


A human from Corustaith, Davian Urthadar stands 5’-9" tall and weighs 162 pounds. He has loyally served the Ranger Knights for more than 2 decades.


The rangers of the Gnarley are some 200 strong, most of them born woodsmen, with a few half-elves among them. This group has become more cohesive during the Greyhawk Wars, and no few of them fought in Furyondy as volunteers. Tales of that war leave them in little doubt of the threat evil presents.

Davian is very aware of the evil in the forests. He regularly travels to the southern edge of the Gnarley Forest, crosses into the Suss forest, takes on and defeats the constant threat from the Pomarj. Many years ago he acquired a Flame Tongue Bastard sword from an enemy that decided it would be a good decision to threaten and try to kill the ranger. The rangers foe would not live to rethink his decision.

Davian Urthadar

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