Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

8th of Reaping, 586 CY

Principality of Ulek
High 84
Low 62
More rain covers the lands.

Very early morning, around 2am.

After a heavy bout with the necromancer the remainder of the small army lead by the Pc’s reaches Havenhill. They put the halfling in a small cell with an orc that was captured spying on the camp. The camp is exhausted. Clerics tend to the injured and dead.

Davian will look take 1st watch over the prisoners. A couple of soldiers will stay with the ranger.
A couple of hours go by when Davian notices something strange. Where is the halfling?
A fire begins just 20-30 feet away. One of the tents is burning. Chaos begins as soldiers wake up and do what they can to stop the fire from spreading.
Suddenly ou hear Davian scream and then see a figure all in black appear behind him. His sword comes right out of Davian’s chest. The ranger falls dead. The cell door opens as the halfling makes a run for it. Both assassins are gone. They disappear into the night.

The camps is now on high alert. Are there more spies? Clerics cast detect evil and detect lie as they go up and down the ranks checking as many soldiers, commanders, anyone, that they can. Because it is not safe The Prince only surrounds himself with his most loyal of guards.



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