Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

8th of Coldeven, 586 CY

Verbobonc City
High 48
Low 32

A Beautiful and clear day
Jylees inn

Bornthiens Last Stand
Bornthien stays behind to watch Nivek. “No matter what master Nivek, I will give my life protecting you” says the halfling. Bornthien “the brave” has been the shining light of the party since the beginning of the campaign. But, tonight his story ends here.

As the PCs spend much of their day downstairs in the Jylee Inn, the PCs take turns checking on the halfling. The cleric of Pholtus, Alvin, decides the only way to face this evil is to let the blinging light lead him and confront the enemy head on. He leaves, making sure he is ready. “Face the Blinging Light” he yells as he leaves the inn.
While downstairs, Baroque is recognized by a small party; Sir Colin Martin of St. Cuthbert (a paladin of St Cuthbert), Boethian Volonwood, a sylvan elf Gnarley Forest Ranger, and a dwarf from the Kron Hills, Shavinski The Orc Slayer. The paladin wants to know more about the partys leader, Gustav.

Sometime around the mid afternoon a concerned Michelle calls for the PCs. Bornthien and Nivek are gone. There has been a struggle. There is blood on the floor where a halfling once stood. Boethian of the Gnarley Forest is able to determine that 2 indviduals broke in through the window, killed Bornthien, took Nivek, and fled out the same window and away.

A turn later and there is a knock at the rooms door. The same young lad that works for the inn is delivering a small wooden box. Moments later the PCs discover it is Borthiens decapitated head in the box with his eyes cut out and his ears cut off. The sign of the Brotherhood is carved into his forhead
Scarlet brotherhood
In the heads mouth is a bloodied note that reads “Come to Kabora’s Jewel of the Velverdyva Inn if you ever want to see your friends again. Call the guards and they are dead” The note is dated for tonight at around 10PM

Gustav cannot believe the halfling is dead. Taken by the same evil he has been fighting for longer than his nightmares can handle. He feels guilty, angry, tested. He begins to bark orders: “Kabora’s Jewel of the Velverdyva Inn is where we are heading. Get ready to do battle” Once again Rick leaves. He is alone and based on one of his recent comments, it isnt wrong to assume he is up to something.
Kabora s jewel of the velverdyva inn

Baroque, Gustav, Boethian Volonwood, Sir Colin Martin of St. Cuthbert, and Shavinski The Orc Slayer, head towards the Kabora’s Jewel of the Velverdyva Inn.

When the party reaches the Inn, the front door is opened and suddenly a fireball, seems to come out of nowhere, erupts 50 feet inside the inn. One of the patrons is burned to death as he is standing by the inside of the entrance. The place is on fire. Chaos erupts. Many scramble to help put out the fire as others are helped to safety by The paladin.
Baroque and Gustav enter the inn and begin questioning one of the patrons. Their questioning turns into frustration, into anger, then into a beating.

The PCs decide to check the roof. The elf finds a pair of tracks that resemble the same tracks in their room after Bornthien was killed and Nivek kidnapped. The scent is fresh. Closer than you think. Boethian Volonwood finds more trakcs. They are moving away from him. He shoots an arrow in the same direction. A HIT! There she is: That fucking bitch Slippery Ketta. With 1 kick Baroque caves in her chest. She is dead.
Along with her belongings the PCs find a schedule of the delivery of of slaves from Verbobonc City to Dyvers and how much is owed when they arive at their destination

The party is getting closer. They decide, with the help of the Paladin of St Cuthbert, Sir Colin Martin, they might be able to convince Bishop Haufren of St.Cuthbert, for a large donation to the church, to perform a Speak With Dead spell on the dead female assassin.

When the party reaches the church of St Cuthbert they begin to bicker over what 3 questions should be asked. Sir Colin Martin of St. Cuthbert speaks with 3 other paladins to bring forth charges against the mage. The paladin believes Rick is responsible for the fireball that almost burned down the inn and killed several citizens. Suddenly Baroque attempts to attack Sir Colin. The other paladins are forced to remove them both to the outside of the church. Baroque believes the paladin has betrayed his oath to the party and ALL of its members.

During the chaos the party is able to find out 2 important things: The main hold for the slavers is in the Pomarj and the next destination will be Dyvers. Gustav decides to hire the scum of the rivers, The Rhennee, to take them via barge to Dyvers. The trip will take 4 days on the The Velverdyva River.



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