Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

7th of Reaping, 586 CY

Principality of Ulek
High 80
Low 64
A clear day
Early morning.
City of Gryrax
Arisoth Darkleaf, Boethian Volonwood, Davian Urthadar, and Shavinski The Orc Slayer take in a few last briefings. They each will lead their own units to Havenhill where they will then rendezvous with a much larger army. Davian will be appointed the leader of the army. Auron Blackmore, Jang Milos, and Jace Belerer will not make the trip. Although Auron says he will join them at some point.

For 2 days the army will travel north east through the Lortmils Mountains. 6 halfling scouts were sent ahead a 1/2 a day ago. So far no word from any of them.

Early evening. Not long after sundown
Littered all over the canyon are dead bodies. Some are more rotten than others. The thick stench of death fills the air. Skeletal parts are everywhere. They are wearing what looks to be clothing with the colors of Ulek. The units carefully move through the graveyard. A few hundred feet away are 6 heads on spikes coming right out of the ground.

The commander of the medium cavalry moves up to take a closer look. His men follow.
He decides to leave the safety of his horse and dismounts. It will be the last mistake he ever makes. Within seconds the undead begin to rise.

A voice from 40 feet away can be heard. He is chanting, "rise….rise…all of you…rise! The smell of burning sulfur fills the air.

Moments later the dismounted commanger he is surrounded by undead. They begin to devour him alive.
The battlefield comes alive with undead and then the necromancer and his colossal skeleton appear. Another priest appears from the opposite end of the field.


The battle begins

Within moments the cavalry is surrounded by wights. It does not take long for more than 100 men on horses to destroyed. The negative energy of the undead drain the life from thr solders as the men’s screams of horror cut through you like a knife.

The army from Gryrax is surrounded.
Shavinski and his dwarves do what they can as Boethian tries to everything he can to keep his troops rallied.
The necromancer begins to prepare a spell as his bone colossus moves in for the attack.
Arisoth Darkleaf and Davian Urthadar move in.
Suddenly a small figure the size of a halfling appears behing the mage/theif. His swords cuts rights through him.
The troops begin to rally and destroy many of the undead. Davian moves in and takes on the huge skeleton.
The Necromancer senses he has lost the battle and uses a spell to flee.
Davian finishes off the colossus
Boethian kills off the evil cleric.
The ranger decides to track the halfling. Sure enough, he finds fresh tracks. “He is right here somewhere,” he says. The halfling tries to get away but the expert tracking of both rangers find him. The strip him and tie him up. He will taken to Havenhill for questioning.
What’s left of the troops will finish their march to Havenhill. They will arrive early morning.



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