Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

2nd of Brewfest, 586 CY

Welcome Rifkin Stoutgut

Deep within the catacombs of the Lortmils Mountains

It’s been a long couple of months for the halfling. He escape servitude in The Pomarj only to be caught by slavers. A band of slavers headed by a powerful fighter, entered the catacombs of the Lortmil Mountains several weeks ago. With the help of a couple other captured slaves, they decide to make a break for it. One of them has been working on a makeshift pick for the lock. They will wait for the right time…
The slaver scouts warn of an eminent clash with a band of drow just a mile or so away. They also report that 2 days ago leading out of the caverns from where they are a group was able to overthrow one of their leaders. “This can’t be,” says the fighter. “We will have to continue forward and alert the others”
The group stops and prepares for the drow.. The leader, a high level fighter, is accompanied by a high level thief, 3 clerics, and a high level monk of the Scarlet Brotherhood. They are travelling with almost 2 dozen slaves and 2 wagons of valuables being pulled by large lizards.
Thew cleric puts up a wall of fire to at least temporarily keep the drow out. The soldiers and others get into their positions. The thief disappears.
They leave several guards and the monk to watch over the slaves.. Especially the halfling and his new allies.
Several rounds later a drow cleric dispels the wall of fire. The drow unleash a flurry of poisoned darts. They hit the leader of the group. He hits the ground hard in a deep coma. It’s chaos as the group can’t believe what they just saw.

“It is now or never,” says one the escapees. He attempts to pick the lock and fails. The halfling, Rifkin Stoutgut, decides to just break the lock. A small chance of doing so, but if so he will flee into the cart in front of him. Unbelievably, he does it! (Yeah, some of argued, “but wouldn’t he have had to break more than one chain?” Of course. But with a 4% of him doing so, and succeeding, I’m not taking that away from him!).
The halfling immediately attempts to flee into the covered cart. The slave that tried to pick the lock and failed jumps at the solider going after him. The monk walks over and punches him in the head. He’s dead but has now given the halfling enough time to hide in shadows.
He sees his things all about. it will take him several minutes, at least, to retrieve the important stuff.. One of the soldiers enters the cart. The halfling hides and stays silent. It works. This gives the halfling enough time to find his backpack with his pinches of dust of disappearance.
The cleric has seen enough and enters the cart. “Where are you halfling. Maybe I will cut one of your arms off to keep from you being such a handful.”
The halfling barely avoids him as the cleric swings away with his mace. Barely hearing him at times but not being able to see him.
He grabs what he cans, the essentials. By this time the cart is completely covered. A small exit on the cart floor leads out. He makes his move and away he goes.
At this point most of the drow are dead. The few that survive, including the cleric, flee. Many of the soldiers also perish. About 1/2
Twice he tries to save the slave boy. A thief that learned the ways on the streets of Safeton. But he fails and decides to be grateful for his own life. “Good luck kid. Maybe I will find some help…”

The beginning of Brewfest
Also called Drunken Days or the Feast of Brewers, Brewfest, the fourth festival week of Oerth’s calendar, is a rowdy period unsurprisingly claimed as a holy time by the churches of Olidammara and Wenta. The Free City of Greyhawk does not celebrate the entire week, but Brewfest 1 and Brewfest 7 are both set aside as public holidays. In Elmshire, the week is spent in restful, carefree music, drinking, and dancing. In Hardby it is spent with fistfights, riots, and ensuing hangovers. In Narwell it is celebrated with ale-brewing contests, horse races, beatings, and robbery. In Safeton it is celebrated with nervous violence and nightly orc hunts. The week is also sacred to the Old Faith.
The elves call this week Fallrite, and use it to contemplate the spirits of their ancestors, the passage to the afterworld, and the fragility of life. They believe other races make merry during Brewfest because they are “hiding” to avoid facing death’s reality. In contrast, the olvenfolk strive to fulfill the most important of their duties and reach the most crucial of their decisions during this time of year. The elven kings and queens traditionally judge capital cases during Fallrite



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