Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

6th of Good-Month, 586 CY

9 days pass as the party carefully maneuvers its way further down the passage. It contnues as a 10×10 passage with the occasional small widening that provides no real relief. The mules are restless as day after day they are forced to travel in confined quarters one step at a time.

2 days before reaching a large cavern just straight ahead, the party begins to feel tremors. The ground and walls shaking, the fear of the roof collapsing becoming more and more possible.
The tremors turn into small quakes that rumble the ground directly beneath that caravan.
“Something is hunting us, " says the gnome. “It senses us”
They finally reach a cavern that opens up into a huge room. The room begins to shake so hard it knocks several of the adventurers off their feet. It takes everything for the henchmen to contain the mules from totally panicking. The ground, just 10-20 feet in front of the party, begins to part. A huge crevasse opens up, the body of a huge purple worm, some 50 feet big, erupts from the ground. It is able to swallow one of the PC’s whole, its tail attempts top to kill Shavinski. Thanks to one of the fighters, Auron, the worm is quickly cut down before anyone is killed. Everyone is safe



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