Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

6th of Coldeven, 586 CY

Verbobonc City: The Electrum Eel
High: 53
Low: 30
A cloudy day

The Meeting
After a few days at The Jylee’s Inn in the more expensive part of the city, the party finally comes up with a plan.

The PCs soon realize Rick is not around and assume, after a few heated debates about how to infiltrate the meeting, he is off to the Electrum Eel.
Gustav notices him and heads inside before anyone can say anything. Steven follows. Baroque stays outside.
Rick turns invisible, starts to fly, and look inside most of the windows before discovering the meeting is taking place in the southwest corner room of the 2nd floor.
2 large thugs guard the entryway to the 2nd floor. Steven throws around some money and is able to get invited to the gambling party taking place on the 2nd floor.
Rick, Nivek, and Alvin turn invisible and use Ricks magical rope to enter one of the eastern windows on the 2nd floor. The upstairs is alive with the sounds of men trying to win a fast buck and whores turning tricks in nearly every room.

The electrum eel

Lady Fiona the Whore
As the 3 PCs make their way down the upstairs hallway, suddenly a man enters the upstairs with 2 thugs. He begins to pound on one the doors. In a heavy lisp: “you’ve been willingly wavishedby by this wascal, my deawest”

A second later a 1/2 dressed man comes to the door and an arguement breaks out. “your a whore my dear Lady Fiona Rallintin and your lover, Hegar Mageddis, will pay for this thrist with my wife” He and his thugs drag the nearly naked man out and begin to pummel him with clubs as his lover begs her husband to leave him alone. A few doors open and close as those looking for the local gossip realize it might be better to mind their own business. They drag the man away and out of the inn as the lady dresses as fast as she can while yelling and screaming at her husband.

The Confrontation
The PCs get to the west end of the upstairs and see 2 very tough and well armed guards guarding a doorway down a hallway heading to the south where the mage described the meeting is taking place
The cleric prays for a silence spell to hide the noise of the attack as Nivek attempts to knock one of the guards out and succeeds. The cleric attempts to knock the other guard unconcious with a fierce hit to the head but fails. A battle errupts. After several rounds the guard deals several hard hit to Nivek and the others. He forces the PC’s to withdraw their attack. The 3 PCs barely escape with their lifes and live to fight another day.

The ambush on the bandits did not go so well. Nivek is nearly dead, Rick and Alvin hurrying the 1/2 elf to safety away from the Electrum Eel. Baroque, Gustav and Bornthien are notifed that its time to leave by an invisible Rick. They leave Steven behind and hope he has the good sense to just leave and rendezvous with them at the The Jylee’s Inn.

A turn goes by and there is no Steven. An hours goes by, no Steven. The PCs safely in their rooms for the evening as Nivek rests and recovers from his wounds, but no Steven. The party is used to the pirates drinking that sometimes affects his lack of judgement, but he should have been back by now.



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