Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

5th of Wealsun, 586 CY

The Free City of Greyhawk
High 86
Low 62
The Star of Celene
A cloudy overcast day.

The city is quiet. There is a nervous feeling all over the The Garden Quarter.
Palladin’s wearing the sign of Pelor StCuthbert.gif are all over the streets. They are searching every tavern, from the low quarter to the high quarter, for men and women to join the fight against The Pomarj.

They are accompanied by three dwarfs from The Principality of Ulek. Their leader, Yennan Heroesblood, dwarf_2.jpg and one of the paladins enter the inn.


One of the paladins, followed by Yennan, enter the the Star of Celene Inn. The inn goes silent as his clear and strong voice takes over the room, “I am Margold Darkeyes, servant of Pelor. Sent here by the High Matriarch Sarana of Pelor. This is Yennan Heroesblood of The Principality of Ulek, sent here by His Serene Highness, Lord of the Peaks of Haven, Prince Olinstaad. The life-giving sun awaits you. Together with our allies from Ulek we will march into the land of the orcs and erase their evil from this world. Those that wish to serve the cause come with us now or join us tomorrow morning at The Temple of Pelor. You will receive 10 gold per week. Your meals, armor and weapons paid for. Your families will be attended to by the church.”

In a raspy tired voice, the dwarf speaks, “my family has lose many pups to this war. Help us defeat the Despot and our king will reward all of you well.”

The journey will take more than a month. 1st the journey to Safeton where more than a dozen barges from Hardby will then travel to Grygax. The Harby Marines will clear the way against slaver ships and Turrosh Mak’s rumored navy.



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