Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

5th of Brewfest, 586 CY

Deep within the depths of the Lortmil Mountains
Late evening/early morning hours
After several brutal encounters and hardly a moments rest, a familiar voice is heard. But where is he? it’s the voice of Arisoth Darkleaf. He’s been chasing the party for weeks. “The trail of death wasn’t too hard to follow,” he says. He explains a purple worm caused a huge earthquake a mile or two back. Drow were chasing him. More than likely all crushed by the massive cave in.
Some of the party members recall the earth shaking but didn’t think too much of it. It doesn’t seem to be an unusual occurrence when you’re miles under the earth.

Several hours later a halfling can be seen walking towards the party. He is walking towards the paladins and cleric. Begging for mercy as he tells his story about just 2 days ago escaping from servitude.
He shares his story about escaping from slavers just 2 days south of here. Beckoning for the party to help free the weak, especially his little friend.



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