Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

4th of Wealsun, 586 CY

4th of Wealsun, 586 CY

The Principality of Ulek, City of Havenhill
High 80
Low 60
A dry overcast day

For years now many from the Free City and beyond have attempted to end the scourge that plagues the south. The Scarlet Brotherhood and Turrosh Mak have done a good job crushing anyone that opposes them. It’s time to take the fight directly to them.
A dwarf scout from The Principality of Ulek, where Gustav was from, returns from the Pomarj. He is all that’s left of a small unit that was sent out to find the hidden city of the slavers: Kalen Lekos. He is bloodied, hungry, and near death. With barely any voice left, “I have found it sire,” he says.

His Serene Highness, Lord of the Peaks of Haven, Prince Olinstaad Corond addresses his council; “long have we waited for this moment. Much blood has been spilt by their filth. Many have lost our own pups to this war. The time is now.”
As he prepares to leave, the same young dwarf that survived asks for another moment of his time, “your grace, please sire, just one more word.” He shares with him news from the north; “there is news, your Grace, that Gustav is dead. I have sent men to find his body and bring it back.”

“Find him and bring him back at all costs,” His Serene Highness replies. “My clerics will resurrect The Despot over and over again. He will live the next 100 years in pain.”



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