Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

4th of Brewfest, 586 CY

4th of Patchwall, 586 CY

The air is damp and humid. It’s thick making your constitution work even harder to keep from getting exhausted.


The cliff (more than 100’ down) looks down to the glistening floor of this huge cavern, the ceiling of which drips with stalactites, the floor with stalagmites, and here and there littered with broken stone fragments and fallen stalactites. Thick columns and great masses of rock stretch all the way to the roof, with many protruding ledges and indented shelves here and there.
Shavinski guesses, “200, maybe 300’ wide? 300’ high? Hmm…and who knows how long this hell goes on for…”
While party is resting a full 8 hours:
Every rest now for the last several rests, whether day or night, Guardian Lord Pubert and Lady Krisnda have the nearly exact same dreams. Eventually being woken up, sweating, breathing heavy, it feels real. “Heironeous is speaking to me,” says Lady Krisnda. “I can feel the abyss. It is closer than we think…”
The both speak of fighting a darkness that cannot be seen. In their dreams blind while everyone being slaughtered all around them. She looks over to Lord Pubert, puts her right hand on his shoulder, “we must find a way to see…”
The cleric begins to report that communicating with his god, St. Cuthbert, is becoming harder. It’s taking him longer and longer to pray for spells


The mages polymorph into dragons and begin flying the party down to the surface.
Several piercers attempt to drop on to some of the adventurers. They resemble stalagmites are nearly impossible to tell apart from the real thing. Unless they do damage, they quickly become vulnerable and slow. They are quickly destroyed.
The drow attack. Moving in while a cleric from high above casts spells.
She quickly takes out the mage, Nitram Semaj with a light spell cast directly on his robe of eyes. He’s completely blind
It’s a tough fight that costs the party their thief, Furfaate. The drow cleric lifts him up high and then just drops him. He is smashed to a bloody pulp. His instincts were right all along. He knew running around with these adventurers would get him killed.
This encounter proves to be one of the tougher encounters. The drow hitting over and over again with their poisoned bullets.
Several of the heroes are knocked out, the mage, Victor Taneth, is killed.
It takes nearly a turn to kill most of the drow. A 1/2 dozen or so and the cleric retreat into the darkness.
The cleric, Richard God Hammer, resurrects the mage.

“We cannot rest here, says ”/characters/shavinski-the-orc-slayer" class=“wiki-content-link”>Shavinski The Orc Slayer.
They decide to continue forward with the dwarf leading the way several hundreds yards ahead of them.
A few turns later he comes across pillars with drow awaiting on them. Their fairy fire lights him up as bullets go flying by him. Luckily, he is not hit. When the party catches up the drow are gone.

Several more turns and more pillars. This time with stone gargoyles perched on them.
Shavinski goes back to get the others
The moment the party is in sight the gargoyles animate and attack. The fight only lasts for several rounds as the adventurers quickly take them out.
The problem now is that the mages and cleric are running out of spells. But they cannot rest. There is no way they will have peace for at least a full 8 hours or more.
Almost an hour later and this time the cleric and paladins begins to detect there is a strong presence of evil nearby. The smell of rotting meat. “More fucking undead,” says Auron Blackmore.
Sure enough small entrances to the right open up to wights and ghouls, dozens of them. The cleric cannot contain all of them.
One of the mages puts up a wall of fire on top of most of the undead.
A ghost makes its way out. its wailing can be heard echoing throughout the cavern.
Everyone but the female paladin flees in horror. Here aura of good protects her from harm. The ghost heads back into his lair

The party will not investigate the lair of the ghost. They decide to continue moving forward.
Another 20 minutes leads them to another set of pillars.
A female in robes appears. She try’s to catch the party by surprise with a fireball.
The quick thinking of the ranger, Davian Urthadar, saves the day. He hits with an arrow, her spell is lost. The fighters run up
2 clerics appear. It’s Vizarian the Hierach? They are flying while moving forward
They are able to successfully cast hold spells on several of the PCs, Auron is turned to stone, the cleric of St Cuthbert is stunned for several rounds. Before doing so the fighters take out the female mage.
One of the evil clerics is then taken out by another deadly round of arrows from Davian and a helping of bolts from Shavinksi
A illithid appears. He casts a stun cone on several of the adventurers but fails. It quickly decides to fight another day. It casts a portal, steps through, and is gone
The evil cleric moves up and casts hold on the dwarf. He succeeds.
All that’s left are Davian and the female paladin, Lady Krisnda
The cleric comes and attempts to reverse the spell on Auron. He fails. He decides for now to help take out the cleric. They barely manage to capture the cleric. Lady Krisnda stands tall over the cleric. “We have you now,” she says. He is stripped and tied up. He curses the party and lets them know they will never escape the catacombs. “Iuz will see to your deaths,” he says



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