Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

28th of Harvester, 586 CY

The dwarf scouts up ahead. More aware than ever that a trap is ahead. He hears the cries of what sounds like men, women, children, dwarves and others, crying out for help. More slaves…

He sneaks up and sees 4 trolls and a few dozen troglodytes leading a huge slave caravan being pulled by huge pack lizards.
The party prepares for the attack. Shavinski heads in, invisible and flying, 1st. He hovers over the ogre mage
The Paladin God easily moves right in and kills off the ogre mage and trolls.
The rest of the party quickly finishes off the trogs. That’s it. No real challenge from the “bad guys.” What an unbalanced and boring encounter…yawn….

After the melee the party argues with the paladin for a bit about what to do with the slaves. Let them go and they die. At the same time they can’t travel with the party. They decide to arm them as best as the can and let them try to find the way back to the surface. The paladin is reluctant but has no choice…

Arisoth Darkleaf spends the next month tracking the party into the catacombs of the Lortmils Mountains.
He finds much evidence that the party is still alive. They’ve left their mark on the evil that lurks deep within the mountain.

The elf comes across his 1st threat. Luckily he is flying on his broom as the drow come out of shadow to attack. He steers his way through the fury of drow poisoned bolts and quickly flies past the drow cleric



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